Petition to: remove music license/ impliment better soundproofing at the shalimar hotel

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to remove music license/ impliment better soundproofing at the shalimar hotel. More details

More details from petition creator

This is to have the council ensure that the shalimar hotel, Staines road, hounslow, install soundproofing and reduce the noise and music disturbances to surrounding neighbours. Or remove the music license all together. The volume of the music is unbearable for those living in the local area. The vandalism/littering and people milling about the area after the parties are finished cause considerable threat to people's safety.

Current signatories

nikki hunt, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Dagmara Renda-Bac
  • Muhammad Ali
  • Satweer Lall
  • George Moyle-Albermarle
  • Ramandeep
  • Roger Fereira
  • Swidal Dsilva
  • Debi Parida
  • Amanda Hunt
  • Gurpal Lall
  • Sean O'Connor
  • Abhishek K
  • Nithya.G
  • Sujan P
  • Narayan Patil
  • Minakshi Patil
  • Charmayne baker
  • Sangamithra MP
  • Tracey Green
  • John Park
  • Fay Pollitt
  • Sue Robins
  • Gillian James
  • margaret crowe
  • Lianne Eldridge
  • Lipsa Parida
  • jamie rogers
  • Sachin Mehmi
  • Naomi Jn Charles
  • Jelan Jn Charles
  • Manjulatha S
  • jasotharan
  • khalid dyer
  • Colin
  • Sharon Dyer
  • Mahesh shetty
  • Shylini shetty
  • Charlotte
  • Ben Pointing
  • Ebi