Petition to: Ban The Alchoholics in Beaverfield park,Hounslow West.

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to Ban The Alchoholics in Beaverfield park,Hounslow West. More details

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Respected Authorities, We are the residents in Hounslow West , mostly of whose kids attends Hounslow Heath Infant and primary School. We face a daily nuisance of alcoholic gangs who have made it regular in the Beavers field park. Specially and i must highlight Daily while dropping off our children's to and from school. Many young students travel alone and pass by this park. Many of whom are school children of age 10-14 boys and girls. Mothers passing by have to face these annoying behavior everyday and often these alcoholics confront them , pass comments while these women are passing by either with their child or alone. We have had enough of them and we demand them to be banned and extra security in park during school timings Example. Having few police officers patrolling between 15:00 to 16:00 which is the duration while many mothers pick up their child and pass by. I have seen officers just emptying drinks of anyone who is caught drinking in park. but this shall not help because as soon as police officers leave these nuisance to the society shall get up and grab another booze withing minutes. We demand safety for our women and children not to see these alcoholic related issues on daily basis.

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