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We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to priority critira. More details

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i am in temporary accommodation from nearly 7 years and many time my circumstances got changed but we till in are in band c. i really want the council to think about whose families who are in temporary accommodation for such long a long time and along side working and living in such conditions. priority such be given to us not to them who don't work and sits home do nothing and claim all the benefits, circumstances should be look in more detail and should not igonre by council. from passed 3 years i am in 3 bedroom house which is not in good condition as the damp problem we are facing every year. i have my small 3 kids with me and my husband suffer from asthma, but no one listens to us, even then i try to involve mp many time but still nothing happened, there is no hope getting the house nearby . i hope council will look for the people circumstances and will do some there should be the limit for the temporary accommodation and has not exceed it.

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