Petition to: Keep Heston West Big Local in Heston West ward - Please help us stop the new boundary changes proposed by the commission

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We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to Keep Heston West Big Local in Heston West ward - Please help us stop the new boundary changes proposed by the commission. More details

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We are hoping you will support us in our fight to oppose the proposed boundary changes to the Heston West ward. The proposed changes will see the Brabazon estate, Redwood estate, Hartland estate and Cranford Community College moved out of Heston West and into the Cranford ward. These proposals have been based on pure numbers and have not taken into account local communities views. Our chief objection is that this will split the Heston West big local in two with the majority of it being in Cranford. One of the aims of HWBL was to create a feeling of pride and belonging to the area. This was identified as a serious deficit within the community in the early days of the Big Local as people did not know what area they lived in. The HWBL has invested £100,000s over the past five years creating that identity. These boundary changes will mean that identity will be lost to many and HWBL would need to consider re-naming and re-branding which will cost £10,000s but more importantly it will be to the detriment of the reputation and hard fought work of the people in the local area. We are sure most of you have seen the flower bed saying ‘Welcome to Heston West’ on the Harlech Gardens side of the road. We will now have the ludicrous situation where on the other side of the road we would have to put another bed saying ‘Welcome to Cranford’.

We have worked closely with local groups including Heston Residents Association and Heston Action Group to improve and protect our local area. These boundary changes will jeopardise this work.

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