Petition to: Issue funding for young children with type 1 diabetes in schools.

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to Issue funding for young children with type 1 diabetes in schools. More details

Petition update 2 from the council, 16 July 2012

This petition will now be considered at the July meeting of the Borough Council.

Petition update 1 from the council, 06 June 2012

This petition has been passed to the Head of Democratic Services. It is likely that it will be considered by Borough Council on 19th June 2012 but this will be confirmed when the agenda is published. The lead petitioner will also be notified of the date.

More details from petition creator

Children with Type 1 Diabetes, who are of a young age and in Primary School are unable to look after their own condition. They are not able to check their own blood glucose levels, or administer their own insulin doses either by pen or through an insulin pump. These young children are unable to recognise/understand when their blood sugar levels are low or high. Therefore it is imperative that they have adult supervision to help them do regular blood glucose testing. Without this support, if their blood sugar drops too low they are at risk of going into a coma. If left untreated it could prove fatal. Diabetic children need an adult to help support them. Without this care, they are being put at a great disadvantage Please provide funding for our children Please do not exclude them unnecessarily from school Please enable them to experience school life, to enjoy it and be safe Please don’t allow our children’s health & well being to be jeopardised Please give us your support!

Current signatories

Katie Carnie, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Caryn Bishop
  • Morgan Gibbons
  • Moira Stewart
  • Maria Watch
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