Petition to: object and refuse the proposed Sapphire Independent Housing proposal on garages at Cherry Crescent.

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to object and refuse the proposed Sapphire Independent Housing proposal on garages at Cherry Crescent. More details

More details from petition creator

The residential area of Cherry Crescent is already overrun with excess cars and does not have capacity to remove existing parking nor face the prospect of future traffic. The proposal is overbearing, out of scale, not in character with local houses, will block out light for residents, reduce the value of residential houses and provides no sustainable green outdoor space. The proposed development is out of scale with the existing area and the design is not in character with local houses. The sketch of the proposed development is an eyesore to the surrounding area which will block off light to the nearby houses and their gardens. The inclusion of 1st floor balconies and large windows are all street facing and will violate resident’s privacy. This lack of privacy, ill-fitting design with the local area and blocking of light will reduce the value of residential houses.

Furthermore, the development will aggravate already overpopulated parking. The proposal states that it may provide a ‘car free development’, the residents of Cherry Crescent would like to see how the proposal will ensure that residents do no bring more cars to the area. The council has already taken away curb-side parking with the introduction of parking bays and double yellow lines. The development removes 6 existing parking spaces (12 if garages were to hold one car inside and one on the forecourt), but does not provide any suggestion for where those 6 cars are to park.

Finally, the proposal removes a green space within Cherry Crescent which will damage local wildlife and fails to provide a sustainable alternative to more concrete. The inclusion of small private gardens to the rear are not sufficient to compensate for the removal of the street facing green space.

Current signatories

Mr Stephen Spencer-Chapman, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Lizzy Grayson
  • Nana Appianin
  • John Egan
  • Patricia Egan
  • Katie Egan
  • Ciara Egan
  • Owen Egan
  • Magdalena Nowik
  • Andrzej Kowalczyk
  • teresa adcock
  • Callum Bennett
  • Liz Bennett
  • Gillian Sillwood
  • Anita White
  • Lucas march
  • Denise March
  • Bianca Clack
  • Samantha Woodcock-Atkinson
  • Tahira Aziz
  • Liza Clack
  • Heather Grace
  • Amanda brewster
  • Zoe Lowery
  • Trisha
  • Duncan wood
  • Lindsey Marian
  • Anthony penn
  • Marie Richardson
  • Bridie Cox
  • Gervase Cox
  • Carly Forrest
  • Umima Khanom
  • Nasreen Hassan
  • Marie Harb
  • Felicia Kourtis
  • Mehran Heravi
  • Susan Heravi