Petition to: ensure all branch libraries and community venues remian open

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to ensure all branch libraries and community venues remian open. More details

Petition update 3 from the council, 13 July 2011

Petition Update from June Borough Council meeting.

The Mayor introduced the petition for consideration and invited Councillor PritamGrewal, the Cabinet Member for Leisure and Well-Being, to speak to it.

In doing so, Councillor Grewal advised that the Council was developing a Libraries’Strategy and this would be presented to the Cabinet in July with an expected public consultatio exercise later than month. The adoption of the Strategy later on this year would ensure that the Council complied with its statutory duty.

However, he reminded Members that, bearing in mind the levels of savings required by the Council overall, it was not possible to confirm that all libraries would remain open throughout the life of the Strategy.

Councillor Lal added that the Council was also progressing with the potential transfer of the community halls to local community groups and would be reporting back to the Cabinet later in the year on the options
available to Members for this service area.

Councillor Liz Mammatt advised that whilst Members had been told of the strategy, they had not as yet seen it. She also noted with concern the lack of guarantee for the retention of all the Borough’s libraries. In her own ward, residents were still very worried about the future of
the Bedfont Library which was a fully accessible library for all residents and an effective community centre as it was used by many different groups and provided services to all local residents whether young or old. She warned residents to be careful to ensure that the library was not lost.

Councillor Sheila O’Reilly agreed with the views of Councillor Mammatt and expressed her own support for Osterley Library which was similarly threatened. She expressed concern that despite being refurbished last year, it was not being supported by the Council in the way it deserved – not just by the threat of closure, but by posters and advertising materials not being put up outside the premises in the way they once were. She advised that whilst Osterley was not a big area, the library was valued by its residents. She wished to see Osterley Library, and all the other libraries in the Borough, protected.

The Mayor then put the matter to the vote and it was RESOLVED –That the comments of Councillor Grewal be noted.

Petition update 2 from the council, 30 June 2011

Petition Update

Borough Council decided not to close any libraries or community centres in 2011/2012 as many would be found from other budgets. In the case of libraries, the budget that would have been used to purchse new books has been used to pay to keep the libraries open. As a result no new books will be purchased in 2011/2012.

Petition update 1 from the council, 07 April 2011

This petition will be presented to Borough Council on 28th June 2011.

More details from petition creator

Ensure that all the Boroughs branch libraries, including Isleworth, remain open to conform with the spirit of the 1964 Libraries Act requiring local authorities to provide an efficient and comprehensive library service.

Continue to manage, through its Arms Length provider, all community venues, including Isleworth Public Hall, in order to provide a service to all sections of the community.

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