Petition to: introduce a CPZ in the streets south of the A4 between Thornbury Road and Ridgeway Road

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to introduce a CPZ in the streets south of the A4 between Thornbury Road and Ridgeway Road. More details

More details from petition creator

Parking is getting increasingly difficult in this area. Most of the streets surrounding us are covered by a CPZ and our proximity to Osterley Tube station makes us a popular area for commuters parking their cars and travelling up to London. Worse than this is the fact that people using Heathrow park in these streets and either travel to the airport by tube or get a taxi to the airport, often leaving their cars for up to two weeks or more. New building in the area has also made parking more difficult for residents. A period of one hour of parking control in the middle of the day would solve the problem of commuters and airport users using our streets as a free car park. Such a short period would mean that residents and their visitors would not be too inconvenienced by parking restrictions. It may be that Monday to Friday would be the only days when parking restrictions would be needed.

Current signatories

Mr Chris Smith, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Teresa Smith
  • Naveen bassi
  • Ramneet bassi
  • Ajay Opel
  • Ekta Opel
  • Suchit Sethi
  • Sudha
  • Rishi Opel
  • Helen Wildgust
  • Sean Von holt
  • asterios konstantinoudis
  • Arvind Modgil
  • Paul Mehra
  • Stelios Konstantinou
  • Lekha Modgil
  • Ioanna Konstantinoudi
  • Farah Khan
  • mukti banerjee
  • G.driver
  • Hirsh sethi
  • Tahir Nazir
  • Rukhsana Nazir
  • Geraldine Wisniewski
  • Ala Atar
  • Gina Richards
  • Lesley Begley
  • Michael Cowan
  • David Pavett
  • Nazeera Mohamed
  • Peter Dick
  • Sarvita
  • Harmander Bedi
  • Jasvinder Jandaur
  • Michael Connole
  • Susan Connole
  • Anish
  • Shahnaz Burls
  • Beejaye Nunkoo
  • Belinda Larby
  • Jon Larby
  • Khurram Syed
  • Sameera Hanif
  • Dania
  • Asim
  • Graham White
  • Christopher Banks
  • Janice Banks
  • sylvia Hunnisett
  • Vivienne White
  • james donovan
  • Sarishta joshi
  • Rajesh khanna
  • L Fulgoni
  • Vishal
  • satinder joshi
  • Tony Marriott