Petition to: extend the time of operation of the Stile Hall Gardens Controlled Parking Zone prior to the opening of the new Brentford Stadium and residential development.

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to extend the time of operation of the Stile Hall Gardens Controlled Parking Zone prior to the opening of the new Brentford Stadium and residential development. More details

More details from petition creator

The new Brentford stadium is planned to open in August 2020 and in addition to Brentford FC games, the stadium will also be used by London Irish rugby club.

During the football and rugby seasons, there will be matches at the stadium most weekends and also some weekday evenings.

In addition, the residential development beside the stadium will have over 1000 new flats and limited parking spaces given council policies to restrict car parking at the location.

Traffic generated by matches at the new stadium and the new residential development has the potential to affect the quality of life of residents near to the stadium.

The existing Stile Hall Controlled Parking Zone operates from 10 am to 12 noon, Monday to Friday, therefore does not cover match times or evening and weekend overspill parking from the stadium development.

We call upon the council to extend the Stile Hall Controlled Parking Zone time of operation to dissuade traffic, and prevent fan parking and overspill residential parking.

The extended Controlled Parking arrangements should be in place for the stadium opening in August 2020, and ideally earlier, given matches are planned before this date to test stadium operation before the opening.

There should be no additional cost to residents for resident permits and free visitor parking permits (as is the case for the Twickenham Zone R controlled parking zone) should be available. We understand that funding has been allocated for controlled parking as part of the conditions of the stadium development.

Current signatories

Andrea Allardyce, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Jason McAleer
  • Andrea Allardyce
  • Rosalind Beresford
  • Richard Beresford
  • Genesta Luxmoore
  • Victoria Wethered
  • Barnaby Beresford
  • Vikki Manson
  • Natasha Rowbotham
  • Dominique Simson
  • Anna Donovan
  • John enthoven
  • Lora Lutostanska Enthoven
  • Ann Hawker
  • Kathleen Haughney
  • Diane McLean
  • Chris palmer
  • Melissa Simson
  • Nicola McAleer
  • Martin Tewkesbury
  • Karl Anderson
  • Jacek Pawlowski
  • John Woodward
  • Sally Floyer
  • Sarah Speake
  • Oleh Melnyk
  • Elizaveta Khadjinova
  • Simon wethered
  • Alex McAleer
  • Clare Hurle
  • Steve Madsen
  • Michael Robinson
  • Tristan Jewitt
  • Leona Shepherd
  • Rebecca Bright
  • Marigold Wace
  • Laura Timms
  • Susana Medina
  • C.Hill
  • michael wace
  • Gavin Power
  • Marion Lewis
  • Reginald Ellwood
  • James Beard
  • Eileene Brown
  • Kirsty Clark
  • David Powers
  • Lena Addis
  • Patrick Addis
  • Julia Evans
  • Seema Patel
  • Victoria Rutter
  • mumuksh patel
  • Robin Alexander
  • Laura Gellately-Smith
  • Mandeep Choda
  • James Gellately-Smith
  • Ann Rodgers
  • Brian Edwards
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  • Marcus Astley
  • Nuala Burgess
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