Petition to: stop the proposed St Marys Drive works

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to stop the proposed St Marys Drive works. More details

More details from petition creator

This petition is regarding the proposed flats/houses by Sapphire Housing on St Marys Drive, Bedfont. We understand the council need to build houses, we also know that there are many other areas in the borough of Hounslow that is available. It is completely unnecessary to build on our tiny road. We have outlined some of the VITAL reasons we HAVE to protest; This is a CONSERVATION AREA. There residents that want to carry out projects but have been rejected, which is understandable. The hypocrisy that they are now going to cut down the very significant bushes, green and trees on the road (where many birds and squirrels reside) to replace with houses is quite unbelievable. Parking is already an issue & more cars will be a MAJOR problem. We have disabled residents, the elderly & families with young children that will be greatly affected. There are no alternatives. Construction disruption will be a very stressful issue. We have an 85 yr old resident that lives opposite the site, an expecting mum & NHS workers that work shifts. Our privacy will be effected greatly by the dynamics & position of proposed flats. Sunlight will be blocked to some of the gardens. Some residents have bought these properties & this proposal will bring down value to houses. The building will be a complete eyesore. It looks COMPELTELY different to the other houses on the road. It will ruin the look and turn a quiet, spacious road into an estate. It is illogical to build homes on SUCH a small piece of land especially when you have to take into the consideration the infrastructure of the area.

After speaking to residents, we are willing to fight against this decision! It is OUR daily lives that we will be greatly affected so our voices must be heard.

Current signatories

Mary Short, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Arthur Short
  • Nallini Samuel
  • Gemma
  • Sean Ghik
  • Mohamad saed Moslemzadey
  • Samia abdul samad
  • David Marshall
  • June Thorn
  • Carl Gregory
  • Geoff Gregory
  • Beryl Gregory
  • Claire Hughes
  • Mark shanks
  • emma pletschette
  • Nicky A
  • Steve hughes
  • Abby Gregory
  • Suzanne Beaumont
  • Priam Samuel
  • Davin S
  • Reese
  • Mary Ghik
  • Ashton
  • Alice
  • Gemma Castle
  • Nathan Scott
  • Don Scott
  • Randolph Scott
  • Aaron Ghik
  • Senthilkumar
  • Rita Gregory
  • Maharaj Samuel
  • Nitesh Bharadia
  • Malcom Scott
  • Zoe Gregory
  • Pat Sheppard
  • Mary Evelyn Weller
  • Tracy Murrell
  • Abigail Murrell
  • Lennie Knight
  • Shan kagaaba
  • Chrystelle Aka
  • Kemi Alebiosu
  • Luana Sabadello
  • Isabel V Samba
  • Madi
  • Edouard Ngoy
  • Ursula Seaton-Smith
  • Faith Mutero
  • Qeren Maludi
  • Philip Donkoh
  • Larissa Bernard
  • Roland Aka
  • Helen kidunda
  • Vanessa Donkoh
  • Anna Anuscenko
  • Zowelele Tonha
  • Mercy Tiwo
  • Befekadu Yigezu
  • Max Johnson
  • Yawa Micheline Koffi Epse Aka Adou
  • Bianca Sadler
  • Konjit Yigezu
  • Joseph
  • Cindy Onwuokwu
  • Elizabeth
  • Jerol Forbes