Petition to: DESPERATE HELP NEDDED !!! Hundreds of Hounslow students disadvantaged by DFE

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to DESPERATE HELP NEDDED !!! Hundreds of Hounslow students disadvantaged by DFE. More details

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Students at West London college of Business and Management Science would like to petition against the removal of student finance tuition fees and support from us as students and the college. We have started our course and need to finish our course at Wlcbms. Preventing us from continuing our studies would be detrimental to our future our progression. We have come a very long finding a college which supports our circumstances and helps to gain the qualification. Wlcbms supported us into becoming individual who can contribute to the society. Given us confidence, supported us and also encouraged us to be valuable individuals. It has taught us many skills which living in poverty wouldn’t have taught us. We believe this is against the public interest to disadvantage hundreds of students leading to their future being destroyed as it is isn’t easy moving to another college, potentially having to start all over again. We have taken student finance out to support our futures and DofE are leaving us with debt and an uncertain future and severely disadvantaging us. All students are pleading for DofE not to destroy hundreds of student’s futures. Destroying also their family, children/baby’s life’s who have gone through extreme difficult situation to get to this point and eventually getting a chance to build their future. Students have got conditional offers from work after completing the course which will be taken away because they are being left empty handed by the DofE.

Petition Rejected

This petition has been rejected because:

  • It was outside the remit or powers of Hounslow Council
  • It doesn't actually request any action

Additional information about this rejection:
Unfortunately, this petition cannot be accepted in its current form as it relates to a matter outside of the Council's remit (the issue is with the Department of Education which is a Government Department) and it does not clarify what it wants the Council to do.