Petition to: SCIB - Save Our Cafe in BostonManorPark

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We want our cafe in BMP to continue to be run by Our Community. We need to secure the future of our community café in the knowledge that the council plan to put a café within Boston Manor House. We want solid confirmation that when the work is done, the cafe will come back to be community led. We want to ensure that the community can continue to run the pavilion and surrounding areas on their own terms i.e. with all profits reinvested in the park. We demand written confirmation that when the work is finished, the pavilion will not be granted to a commercial enterprise if the existing users decide not to return.

Current signatories

Magdalena Curran, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Joely Winstone-Corke
  • Heather Tucker
  • Poppy Ward
  • Chris Collins
  • Paul Curran
  • Sofia Berczely Cardoso
  • Paloma Baraja
  • Lenka Napolitano
  • Holly Newth
  • Lorna Pegler
  • Penny
  • Dorothe Glas
  • Violeta Cordon-Preciado
  • Shelley Montague
  • Tamlyn MacIntosh