Petition to: Repaint art work on Linkfield Road, Isleworth

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to Repaint art work on Linkfield Road, Isleworth. More details

More details from petition creator

Myself and my friend recently approached the owner of Nims Fish & Chips shop - Linkfield Road, Iselworth - and asked if we could create some bright, colourful art work on the side of his shop, he kindly agreed.

The white wall is regularly 'tagged' with obscenities and has to be cleaned frequently. A lot of children and young people pass this wall and for them be reading what is written on the wall is not acceptable.

We painted the mural on 24/06/2017 and were approached by a huge amount of people who loved what we were doing and were excited to see the final result, these people ranged from children that were in prams all the way up to 2 elderly ladies on their way to play bingo. The mural was bright, colourful, non offensive, non political and was not an advert. On 7/7/2017 the wall was painted grey by the council and the art work had gone. This is an art work that we gave to the local community for free which would usually cost in the region of £3,000 for a client.

We have both had messages and conversations with locals who are very upset that the art work is no longer there and we want the opportunity to be able to repaint the mural so that the community can enjoy it again.

There are images of the mural on instagram -

Current signatories

Connor McLoughlin, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Harry Jennings
  • Rhona Fisher
  • Rob spiers
  • Sinéad Carroll
  • Lizzy McLoughlin
  • Alison Harten
  • Jacqui Quail
  • Elena Kukis
  • Jim Connelly
  • Brett mann
  • Jack Cowey
  • David Lawrence
  • Sarah Hesketh
  • Suzi Lawrence
  • Janet Stokes
  • Marcus Barnes
  • James maher
  • Bradley rmer
  • Alice Perry
  • Kieran Maher
  • Denise Carey
  • Asim Hyder
  • Robert Cassidy
  • Alex Ellison
  • Megan Hindley
  • Nathan Bainbridge
  • jay blunt
  • Jamie Buckingham
  • tom scott
  • Rich Hendry
  • Ian cartwright
  • Damian Tillson
  • David Oates
  • Ro Elfberg
  • Ben Corban
  • Angus buckle
  • Sophie Buckle
  • Jon Phillips
  • david young
  • Billy Bartram
  • Rebecca
  • Richard Hunt
  • Sara Chenery
  • Nasir Agnieszka
  • Baljot Gill
  • Dylan Bonnie brannigan
  • Simon Purkis
  • Bert Hall
  • Jason johal
  • Jamie K
  • Niamh Forsyth
  • Steven Bonnie
  • Peter Marsh
  • Paul Eaton
  • Kevin gallagher
  • Sean Formella
  • Irene Bernard
  • Denis Hurley
  • Emma Rodrigues
  • Carly Forrest
  • Steffi Bow
  • Jonathan Cantwell
  • Fleur Iannazzo
  • Colette hursey
  • Andy Millen