Petition to: Create additional parking on Oak Avenue

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to Create additional parking on Oak Avenue. More details

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The residents of Oak Avenue propose plans to create private parking crossovers to tackle the lack of parking on our cul de sac. In order to create ample parking, and improve parking provisions on Oak avenue we propose a redesign of the space. The residents on Oak Avenue would like to lobby local support from the local residents and local ward, as the proposed change will eliminate the daily struggle for parking and access, overall resulting in better relationships between the local community, care providers and school. The change will will keep vehicles safe and allow ample turning points. Creation of driveways will create space for council planned services, for recycling & rubbish to take place without blockage. It has been discussed that a number of residents would consider electric cars helping the environment and fuel emission if electric cars can be privately charged by residents. The change will continue to retain long term residents from moving to other areas with a negative trend on retaining homeowners on Oak Avenue. Residents propose that although the existing green space will need to be redesigned and partly removed, not all the space will be required for the driveways and we propose that we work together to create a more attractive green space in form of a "wildflowers" roundabout with some new trees. The consideration of the council should be to work with residents to resurface and redesign a mutually agreeable & aesthetic pleasing space. The Residents from Nos 23-33 and 28-36 Oak Avenue to construct a crossover.

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