Petition to: Include Lower Square, Church Street and Manor House Way within the Proposed North Street CPZ Statutory Consultation

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to Include Lower Square, Church Street and Manor House Way within the Proposed North Street CPZ Statutory Consultation. More details

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We are extremely disappointed by the formal notification we received from the Council dated 2nd January 2018 confirming that Lower Square, Church Street and Manor House Way will now not be involved in any further discussions or included in any way within any further CPZ consultation.

We believe that this could cause a significant issue for residents and businesses. It is already virtually impossible for us to park and we are frequently forced to park all around the area, including North Street, Silverhall Street and Swan Street.

There are currently 19 no. legal car parking spaces available to use within Lower Square, Church Street and Manor House Way; as well as a new loading bay. If we, along with other residents and businesses in these roads, only have the ability to park within this area moving forward and a CPZ is put in place within the revised consultation area including Hartland Road, North Street, Silverhall Street, Swan Street and Twickenham Road, it will surely magnify the current parking problem and finally become impossible for us to park anywhere. Anyone and everyone who does not wish to pay for a parking permit as well as residents of the new adjoining developments at the Old Blue School and Lion Wharf (on Swan Street) will also be trying to park in these roads!

On this basis we would request in the strongest possible terms that you reconsider your decision not to include Lower Square, Church Street and Manor House Way within the CPZ consultation moving forwards. Very simply, we believe that if these other adjoining roads are singularly consulted and finally agree to be included within a CPZ and Lower Square, Church Street and Manor House Way are not included within this, then we will not be able to park anywhere at all!

Current signatories

Steven Griffiths, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Paul Hopkins
  • Piyushgiri Revagar
  • Pritibala Revagar
  • C de la Perrelle
  • C Perrelle
  • Erika Hopkins
  • Jamie Codrington
  • Paul Dorrell
  • Vesela Pirie
  • Alnoor Datoo
  • Dave Owens
  • Haibat Abro
  • Kristi Griffiths
  • Brian Gratton
  • Mark Radcliffe
  • Kenny Nicholas
  • Ruth Nicholas
  • N Hibbert
  • Brenda Zoller
  • S Bquain
  • Selina Cobbson
  • Mr Robert Stewart
  • Valeria Nibbio
  • Edith Cane
  • Reuben Cane
  • mark fennell
  • Cecilia Testa
  • Maggie Gratton
  • Isabel Stewart
  • antony head
  • kirsty irvine
  • Dorota Smatek
  • Lukasz
  • Karen Renwick-Baugh
  • Angelo Cane
  • Raj Sandhu
  • Jaspal Dhoofer
  • Gaurav Sarna
  • Michelle Nurse
  • Jakub Kotan
  • Diane von Kesmark
  • Anne Elliott
  • John Elliott
  • Will Lewis-Smith
  • Sally Beaumont
  • Antony Petsas
  • Simon Settle
  • Maria Karabhai
  • Bradley May
  • Joshua Young
  • Anthony Corlett
  • Paul Robinson
  • Nick Winpenny
  • Darryl Williams
  • Sheila Flexen
  • Ella Curley
  • Sol Duval
  • Tope Sanni
  • Heidi Robinson
  • Lucille Geer
  • Alexander Tzanis
  • Nicola Kenny
  • Tom Stenner
  • James Goodman
  • louise eales
  • Richard Hopkins
  • Marco D'Angelo
  • Janet Dodd
  • Ryan Barker
  • Aidan Day
  • Kal Bhadresa
  • Sue Purcell
  • Kathy Gallagher
  • Niclas Liebl
  • K. Basi
  • Madie
  • Rathan
  • simon blaxall
  • Sabrina I
  • Priyamvada Kapoor Chauhan
  • Richard Hancock
  • Parul Thacker
  • Clinton Cast
  • Claire Rutland
  • Dave Brown
  • dasha legge
  • Kate Miller
  • Mike Gumm
  • Kate Codrington