Petition to: NOT designate the Chiswick Glebe Estate as a Conservation Area

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to NOT designate the Chiswick Glebe Estate as a Conservation Area. More details

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The 2019 National Planning Policy Framework warns against devaluing Conservation by designating areas that lack “special” architectural or historical interest. Like so many others, the Glebe Estate was built to provide simple affordable housing for working families and therefore fits neither of these “special” criteria. Many of its current working families would struggle to afford conservation grade refurbishments and would have to avoid repairs or move out thereby undermining the estate’s true legacy, as a thriving mixed community who contribute far more to its character than the walls & windows.

Hounslow’s Conservation Controls (2017) preclude the only practicable style of roof extension for Glebe houses just when post-COVID work patterns demand extra space in a service economy. Such investments have been a key driver in the estate’s regeneration from tired disrepair and banning them in future will drain millions of pounds from investment in the estate & its property values.

The Glebe estate has rarely been in such good repair. Its overall look has changed little since construction under the existing planning controls which keep extensions out-of-sight. Its historical uniformity, represented the control of a few landlords who ultimately failed to maintain the estate whilst the current variety in décor & furniture evidences advanced materials & the freedom of choice residents earn by committing a lifetime of savings to a Glebe home.

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