Petition to: Introduce a Controlled Parking Zone on Lionel Road North TW8

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to Introduce a Controlled Parking Zone on Lionel Road North TW8. More details

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Lionel Road North needs to have a CPZ. Recently it is becoming impossible to find a parking space for residents and for parents dropping children off at Lionel Road Primary school. The main cause seems to be commuters parking their cars on Lionel Road North and walking to Kew bridge rail station or businesses on the A4.

On week days the parking spaces gets filled up by 8am in the morning from the bottom of Lionel Road North past the school all the way up to the top of the road. Each morning you can notice more and more cars parking and the drivers walking towards the A4 Businesses & Kew Bridge rail station. This also causes no parking spaces close to the school for parents dropping their children off, and therefore forced to park on double yellow & zigzag lines - with a mobile CCTV camera issuing tickets to these parents.

The following will make the situation worse in the coming months: (1) As CPZ will be put in place at clayponds avenue - all the people that work at the business premises of Audi & BMW on the A4 who parked at Clayponds avenue will now park on Lionel road North (2) With the football stadium being built on Lionel Road South, the people visiting the shops and flats will also park on Lionel road north

A basic system with residents parking permits and limited controlled hours (for example between 10am-12am, and 4pm-6pm) solve the lack of parking for local residents caused by parking from drivers using Kew Bridge station and businesses on the A4

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C Engelbrecht, the petition creator, joined by:

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  • Kelly Whisker
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