Petition to: consider CPZ on Grantham Road

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We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to consider CPZ on Grantham Road. More details

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Dear Sir or Madam,

You have recently implemented a number of new CPZ in our area i.e. a number of side road near Chiswick train station as well as a part of Burlington Lane.

As much as we appreciate that this new implementation, which I am sure the residents of such streets welcomed, it has put an enormous pressure on our road, as all the people who did not obtain parking permits or do not even live in the area and park here only to be able to get a train to the city, now park on our road. It's been so bad that it is almost impossible to park our vehicles on our road no matter the time of the day.

There is a number of houses that have a private drive way, however there is about 25-30 houses that cannot apply for a private drive way due to the position of the house on the street.

There is a number of cars that have been parked on Grantham road for quite a long time; vehicles from different countries, friend's friends, visitors to Chiswick house, they all park on our road.

Grantham road needs a Mon-Fri 9-17h, Sat-Sun 9-13 CPZ! There is also 5 parking spaces that are outside 5-11 Grantham rd (although they are actually on Burlington lane bit) - CPZ needs to be implemented in this section as well.

Thank you very much in advance for your kind consideration.

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