Petition to: Introduce parking permits for Elmcroft Close, Feltham

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to Introduce parking permits for Elmcroft Close, Feltham. More details

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Parking spaces are becoming increasingly difficult to find on our road during evenings and weekends due to vehicles being left for months at a time by non-residents. Therefore, it is recognisable that residents should get priority to park their vehicles on their road.

Relentless traffic wardens fining residents for the liberty of parking their vehicles on their own road is causing immense frustration to residents who are now having to park in other locations. As you can imagine, parking away from your road of residence not only causes anxiety in respect to your vehicle but also great difficulty for elderly residents and young families who may have to cross the busy Staines Road carrying their shopping and buggies etc.

We believe Elmcroft Close is well suited to be considered for a Controlled Parking Zone where parking permits will cost £80 a year for one vehicle and will offer a fairer opportunity to all residents to park their vehicles on their road of residence.

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