Petition to: Can you apply signs "Do not feed the birds"

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to Can you apply signs "Do not feed the birds". More details

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The number of feral pigeon in some area as become a real nightmare, a polution.

Some area like some parks are invaded by them, and the population grow year after year.

One of the main spot of this problem is the parking of the london apprentice on church street "riverside"

A lot of people come park the car and empty multiple bags of bred, even sometimes chips!

This kind of food is not very healthy for the wild birds as goes, swan, dukes, and multiple of others.

the second effect is the look of the left side of this parking where 50s of pigeon just seat on this metal fence. an horrible vision for tourist and also a desaster for the ecology.

I am meanly concern about this spot because I walk a lot there, but I spotted this kind of problem about everywhere in the borrow.

This is why I ask a study and eventualy apply a regulation for this matter by "showing sign" and "fine or penalty fee" for pollution.

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