Petition to: Change the proposed colour of the render on three houses in Dawes Avenue

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to Change the proposed colour of the render on three houses in Dawes Avenue. More details

More details from petition creator

We request that the three properties owned by LBH - 67, 57 and 59 - should not have the proposed render painted in the RAL1002 colour. All the houses in the 'square' section of Dawes Avenue are the original brick apart from one house already painted magnolia in one corner of the Square (the colour intended for these houses as per your original Planning Permission Application) and it would be far more pleasing and cohesive to the existing streetscape if the houses due to be rendered were painted to match this house. We feel very strongly that the mustard colour will ruin the appearance of our Square and would ask that this colour should not be used. We also request that the planning stipulation that these rendered houses can never be painted in any other colour be removed as we are not in a conservation area and the freedom to have the colour changed at a later date should be considered.

Current signatories

Amanda Dickinson, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Emma Humble
  • Elizabeth Brand
  • Kamel Cherchalli
  • Tracey Cousins
  • Elizabeth Martin
  • stephen humble
  • James Graham
  • Clare Easton
  • Kate Graham
  • Kathryn Nedeljkovic
  • Glynis Johnson
  • Rick Jenner
  • Annie Rouse
  • Simon rouse
  • Dani James
  • Linda Green
  • Stuart Collins
  • Leo A Nazemi
  • Linda Cordoray
  • Jo Bonner
  • William Emery Dickinson
  • Natasha Bernes
  • Christian Lambelin
  • Carmel Nazemi
  • Mark Tanner
  • Ben Driver
  • Lawrie brand
  • Martyn Day
  • Elena Vidovic-Swann
  • Victoria Robertson
  • Louise Tanner