Petition to: Members and Customers of New Chiswick Pool

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to Members and Customers of New Chiswick Pool. More details

More details from petition creator

- A week’s notice of pool closure at Chiswick New Pool (NCP) for refurbishment was the final straw. Management must have known work was due to start imminently, so why were staff and customers given short notice of its closure? Please sign this petition to make your voice heard. NCP serves a wide community of all ages, income and ability. The facility is vital to their physical and mental wellbeing and puts less strain on NHS and welfare services. Managers/staff constantly change so there is no continuity and leads to poor communication. There is insufficient staff to deal with phone calls and on-site visitors on reception. Lack of pool staff means closure at short notice and swim classes cancelled. 90 per cent of the time the gym is unmanned, so equipment goes missing. Class schedules on-line are not regularly updated. Gym equipment is inadequately maintained and out of order for long periods of time. It is not cleaned regularly. General building maintenance is so poor it needs to be repaired throughout. This includes wall damage in gym; sauna and wet rooms out of order for long periods; air conditioning not working or runs so cold that changing rooms are freezing; outside lights have not worked for most of the winter. There are other concerns but too numerous to mention in this petition.

Current signatories

Ms Anthea Buckeridge, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Caroline Haye
  • Roland Beadle
  • Tara Gipp
  • pamela Mayorcas
  • Catarina Lusk
  • Helle Kaiser-Nielsen
  • Candice Baker
  • Rachel Hurn
  • Dipika Patel
  • L Sagovsky
  • Parul Patel
  • Edward Przepiora
  • Dave Wetzel
  • Krysia Krason-barry
  • jacqueline Roberts
  • Agnes Adamska-Przepiora
  • Emese Bodi
  • Dave Mccormack
  • Mary Longhurst
  • Dinah Wiener
  • Andrea Williams
  • Nadine Samuel
  • Ernest Samuel
  • Clive Syddall
  • Natalia Damian
  • Malemba Lisomba
  • Marcos De la Monja
  • James Dillon
  • Laurie Anders
  • Andy Chitty
  • Wajiha Saeed
  • Martina Staps
  • Nia Moroney
  • Jaquline Murphy
  • Stephan Schmid
  • Carl Wines
  • Nashat Thomas
  • Sachin Kapila
  • eugene chang