Petition to: Implement Residential Parking on Lampton Avenue

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to Implement Residential Parking on Lampton Avenue. More details

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Having lived on Lampton Avenue for over 30 years, I ask that a Controlled Parking/Residential Zone be implemented and its adjoining roads. It is increasingly difficult to park in front of our own homes or our visitors, as there are often cars parked sometimes for weeks or months on the street. Also I have evidenced that as Lampton Avenue is one of the few roads not with Controlled Zone Parking, it has become a haven for dumping cars and on many occasions I have reported untaxed vehicles. The problems are compounded by Lampton School and parents/carers of the children increasing congestion on Lampton Avenue and neighbouring roads. Making it difficult to get into or out of the road when the school is starting and finishing, with many of the parents/carers cars, blocking driveways and parking on double yellow lines. I hope that as a community we can tackle this problem and make Lampton Avenue and its adjoining roads less congested and have vehicles parked there for residents only and their visitors.

Current signatories

Simrat Dhillon, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Stuart Lucas
  • Gurusiddappa Shivakumar Manegar
  • Rebecca Lucas
  • Raj Verma
  • Pam Bhatia
  • Jade Healey
  • Jordan Eldred
  • Ellie Farnden
  • Sean Lucas