Petition to: Change Glenhurst Road and Orchard Road CPZ

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to Change Glenhurst Road and Orchard Road CPZ. More details

More details from petition creator

We ask for you to review the CPZ on Glenhurst Road and Orchard Road. We would like the CPZ to be included on match days. Now there CPZ on Haverfield on match day we are getting more supporters parking here. We pay for permit parking each year but on match days if you go out for any reason and not back by 12pm your not getting a parking space until 5pm.

Current signatories

Carly Forrest, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Leejane Hawkins
  • Tina Dutton
  • Christine Campbell
  • Laura Sinfield
  • Emma McDonnell
  • Ryan Wilkins
  • C. Ridley
  • Simon Rycroft
  • Sharon Gilbert
  • Jessica Nelson
  • Emily Roe
  • George Mork
  • Ulrike Chesney
  • Eli Cruz
  • Suzanne Duff
  • Beryl St Martin
  • Jeremy Weekes
  • Diane Bennett
  • Sue Lewis
  • Elaine Lewis
  • RickLewis
  • Steve Davies
  • Anita Davies
  • sarah yates
  • Howard Yates
  • Jo Joseph
  • Felix Joseph
  • PC McCarthy
  • Tim Burrell
  • Annie Glynn
  • Pawel Kolodziej
  • Anna Kolodziej
  • Pania nasrollahi
  • Patti Horsnell
  • Peter forrest
  • Nicola Erdpresser
  • Gary Christian
  • Victoria de Wolf Thomas
  • Sakhil Shekh