Petition to: Resurface Brook Road and remove on-road parking

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to Resurface Brook Road and remove on-road parking. More details

More details from petition creator

Hounslow are to close Stilehall Gardens on 4th June (sign went up this week on Wellesley Road) which means that the only entrance and exit for anyone living south of that is on Brook Road. It is not feasible that over 800 residents on the roads south of this should be expected to use such a narrow and substandard road for exit and entrance. Brook Road has been closed three times in the last few years due to burst water pipes and they just patched the road up without doing a proper job. I am requesting that Hounslow resurface the road and footpath and remove on road parking to make the road two way (at present it is only wide enough for one car).

Current signatories

Ms Rhian Williams, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Claire Moody
  • Peter Lowden
  • Jeannie Shapiro
  • Mariela Sgalla
  • Julia Beak
  • Carrie Middleton
  • Stephanie Sarbutts
  • Rebecca Holmes
  • Emily Yeung
  • Max Horrill
  • Lisa Moody
  • Sheila Marson
  • Robert Campbell
  • Jagdeep Hayre
  • Maria-Luiza Marcu
  • Andrew Williams
  • Bruno morelli
  • Luca Morelli
  • Eileene Brown
  • Dan Beak
  • Stella Rooke
  • Guy Newell
  • Samuel Haines
  • Su Haines
  • Martha Haines
  • David Blades
  • Peter Gilmour
  • Lesley Williams
  • Mary Spencer Jones
  • Denis Williams
  • Yvonne K
  • Renato Chimentio
  • Alexandre Lima
  • Anne Yeo
  • Chris Arnold
  • Joe Millyard
  • Nicholas Cook
  • Edward Hulme
  • D Hughes
  • Chiswick Village Residents Ltd
  • Claire Gilligan
  • Henry Badowski
  • Guillermo Rein
  • Lesley Mackenney
  • Fiona King
  • Devlin Lindeque
  • Ian Rudrum
  • Munish Gadhri
  • Sarah Moir-Morelli
  • Ashley Squire
  • Vicky Holgate
  • Anne Jensen
  • Reino De Villiers
  • Craig O'Hare
  • Mark Boulding
  • Douglas Kean
  • Sherlett Latchman
  • Rania De Villiers
  • Alexandra Vinot
  • Alexander Charles Henrion
  • Lucy Hubbard