Petition to: ensure that the Barley Mow Passage is Not Pedestrianised.

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to ensure that the Barley Mow Passage is Not Pedestrianised. More details

Petition update from the council, 22 May 2012

This petition has now closed and will be forwarded to the Lead Cabinet Member with responsibility for this area. A petition opposing this petition closed last week. The next meeting of the Chiswick Area Committe is scheduled for 23/5/12 who will need to consider both petitions together, but this will not give sufficient time for officers to prepare any information for this meeting. This petition will be put on the agenda for the following meeting which will be on 10/7/2012.

More details from petition creator

No to Pedestrianisation!

Sam's Bar & Brasserie owner Sam Harrison, is currently petitioning for the pedestrianisation of a public highway - Barley Mow Passage. This proposal is sought so that Sam's Bar & Brasserie can be expanded to offer outdoor dining which, in effect, is free trading space for his business. Mr Harrison has been trying to obtain planning consent for this enterprise since 2007, when it was rejected. It was most recently rejected in July 2011 as both businesses & residents objected strongly to this scheme.

Those who live & work nearby will be negatively affected by substantially increased noise pollution, loitering, anti-social behaviour, rubbish & pest management issues. Major security issues are already endured by neighbouring residential occupiers and these will be exaggerated even further. Access for Emergency Service vehicles will also be severely compromised.

Both residents & local businesses wish to retain vehicular access to their properties and not be prevented. This planning proposal will impact greatly on the surrounding environment of local residents & we urge continued opposition to the pedestrianisation of the Barley Mow Passage.

Current signatories

Miss Tammie Kite, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Loraine Pemberton
  • Lili Parson
  • Sally Shimmin
  • Kieran Knights
  • Clare Knights
  • James Clark
  • Kevin Shen
  • Michael Ross
  • Niki Barnett-Henry
  • Kristian Pirotta
  • Paula Hamilton
  • Gene Guan
  • Letizia Sung Sanchez
  • Sarah Turner
  • Craig French
  • Sarah Markworth
  • Louise Kelly
  • Dylan Lincoln
  • Moira Cameron
  • Steve Machin
  • Sandrine Martin
  • Diane Scott
  • Benjamin Rahimzadeh
  • Barry Dunbar
  • Jit Bhasin
  • kevin bourke
  • faicka khairdin
  • nicholas shimmin
  • Alex Temmink
  • Mathew Breslin
  • margaret chadderton
  • Sylvana Marchant Perdoni
  • Annie Marchant Perdoni
  • Tim Boler
  • Joyce pang
  • Matthew Dive
  • Ruth Owen
  • marian morris
  • Michael Pickersgill
  • Lesley Walker
  • Brian Mesquitta
  • Daniel Aherne
  • Maria Babiak
  • Saumen Kar
  • Emese B
  • Michael T Deans
  • Barbara Lenton
  • Chris P.
  • Nancy Owen
  • Nigel Edwards
  • Tamara Gourley
  • Clare David
  • Maurice Evans
  • Gilbert Penfold
  • Robert Flann
  • Crispin Tollast
  • Carolyn Hammond
  • Ian Sanderson
  • Andre Koch
  • Helena
  • Christine Ray
  • Inder Seth
  • Nikki-Jo Grant