Petition to: Introduce parking permits on Argyle Ave, Hounslow

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to Introduce parking permits on Argyle Ave, Hounslow. More details

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Please sign this petition if you would like Permit Parking to be introduced on Argyle Ave, Hounslow.

I have had various neighbours vent their frustrations at not being able to park outside or near their properties, the problem has increased over the last year with the council introducing permits at the station. This and all the roads leading to the rugby ground permitted has a knock on effect making it impossible to find a space..

There are multiple residents who have more than two vehicles and wish to park all their cars outside and near their properties, this effects the one car users, the elderly, single parents and lone women having to park far away and walk to their homes. There are instances of properties that own off road parking but are using it for other reasons rather than housing one or two of their many vehicles.

Introducing permits will create a fairer system for the whole street and also prevent commuters leaving cars outside your property.

Permit costs £80 per year £6.60 per month for 1 car, £160 per year £13.33 per month for 2 cars

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Mr Brown, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Georgina Reekie
  • Lorraine Chiddington
  • Tony Burke