Petition to: Oppose planning proposals for 5B St Stephens Road: P/2020/1260

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to Oppose planning proposals for 5B St Stephens Road: P/2020/1260. More details

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The St Stephens' Residents Association is creating this petition to oppose the proposals at 5B St Stephens Road Hounslow TW3 2BH for the formation of vehicular access to the front of the house and replacement of the existing front boundary.

The property resides in 1 of only 3 Conservation Areas in Hounslow. There is unrestricted off-street parking available on the road. The reduction of the front garden will unbalance the appearance of the property with its pair at 5A. Furthermore this would cause the loss of established mature soft landscaping at 5B which has good water drainage and matches the soft landscaping at 5A.

This proposed development would negatively impact the Conservation Area. The pair of houses at 5A and 5B are particularly well admired by their long front gardens which are currently a integral part of the Conservation Area.

As such the Residents' Association objects to this proposed development and this is supported by the following signatures in this petition:

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