Petition to: Deny the proposed demolition of the house at 164 Duke Road, Chiswick, London, W4 2DF

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to Deny the proposed demolition of the house at 164 Duke Road, Chiswick, London, W4 2DF. More details

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We, the undersigned are writing to object to the proposed demolition and rebuild of 164 Duke Road, Chiswick W4 2DF. Information on this proposal can be found on the Planning site as # 00373/164/P6. Our objections are:

1) Historic Impact – the building to be demolished was built in 1871 and is 145 years old making it one of the first buildings in the estate. The estate was established in 1871. Demolition of this property would be a tragic loss to the Glebe Estate and Chiswick as a whole.

2) Damage to the charm of Glebe Estate and streetscape – the Glebe Estate is full of charming cottages and homes. Maintaining streetscape forms part of the planning office’s charter. The applicant has stated they will build a “similar” property –this description does not provide sufficient guarantee that the charm and streetscape will be retained in light of the age and historic value of the property.

3) Safety – the property sits on an extremely busy cul-de-sac which supports 2 schools, a youth centre, a gym, a nursery, etc. The property is adjacent to Devonshire Passage which is in use 24x7. Parking is already limited and traffic is a problem. There have been numerous “near misses” involving children. We believe that the proposal will further impact safety.

4) Precedent – the proposed works represent the demolition of a building of historic interest. The first such demolition in the Glebe Estate. Approval could set a precedent for the estate and the borough. We do not wish this precedent to be set as it will impact the charm of the estate as well as potentially allowing almost unchecked redevelopment.

We do not believe there is any need to demolish this property as countless other houses of similar age and condition in the estate have been renovated without demolition.

Current signatories

Mr Peter Newham, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Anne Gray
  • Stephen Gray
  • Leonard Casasola
  • Maria Loukchina
  • CK
  • margie frew
  • Jackie king
  • Artur Sumovskij
  • Iris Dutton
  • Gail Busza
  • Ann Berryman
  • Helen Crafter
  • Craig Oliver
  • Barbara Wilson
  • Colin Wilson
  • Adrian Irving
  • Isabel Gray
  • Maureen Wakeman
  • Nick Gowing
  • Mike Moran
  • Helen Ward
  • Mike alban
  • Tess Powell
  • Owen Henen-Webber
  • Rosalind Elliott
  • John Reed
  • Patrick Marley
  • Caroline speirs
  • Janis Shillito
  • Olivia Hathorn-Leggett
  • Margaret Harvey
  • Debbie Wakeman
  • James Henen-Webber
  • Antonia hannah
  • Darren Daly
  • Andy Fisher
  • Jennifer Stork
  • Anthony Kemple
  • Christopher Te Whata
  • Donna Baker
  • Suzanne Underwood