Petition to: Remove the zebra crossing in front of the Six Bells pub on the London road in Brentford

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to Remove the zebra crossing in front of the Six Bells pub on the London road in Brentford. More details

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I feel that the zebra crossing in front of the Six Bells pub in Brentford is extremely dangerous and should be removed. I have lived in the area for 35 years and within that time there have been too many accidents - some even resulting in death. Many times when you stand at the crossing waiting to cross the road a lot of the cars do not stop or they tend to be driving very fast. Some do stop and allow you to cross, and before you have reached the other side of the road they then drive off with some speed. The fact that it is positioned in front of a pub makes it even more dangerous, especially when customers are leaving to go home and they are intoxicated with alcohol. The zebra crossing is also very dangerous because it is a few yards away from the junction of Augustus Close, so one could argue that it could be the drivers blind spot as they may not see anyone standing there. Also, depending on the speed in which they are driving as they could easily knock someone down. A lot of the local residents that I have spoken to are very keen to have the crossing removed, replaced with speed bumps or to have traffic lights put in its place. Another idea is to perhaps make the traffic lights stronger in front of the Holiday Inn hotel. Either way, I am petitioning for the zebra crossing in front of Six Bells pub in Brentford on the London road to be permanently removed.

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