Petition to: change the bin collection back to weekly and replace the bins

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to change the bin collection back to weekly and replace the bins. More details

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My petition: put a stop to the change in rubbish from every two weeks back to weekly I want Hounslow to continue with their weekly collection of rubbish as they know the bin that they issued was already to small and also it will cause issues of people fly tipping waste and cause more rat and mice and foxes to breed in this area which will in turn cause risk to people health this one to two week scheme has already been tried in other areas and failed miserably we recycle every thing possible and still struggle to fit the rubbish in to a under sized bin they do not offer any reduction in council tax and now thinking increasing by 4% they not providing the service they want us to pay for and asking to pay extra to for garden waste why

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