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We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to… Submitted by Deadline to sign by Signatures
Sutton Court Road Grove Park needs Traffic Calming to slow down drivers.Mr Stephen Staniland 7 July 201815
Introduction of a CPZ on Cambridge RoadGursimran Ghai 6 April 20191
To remove the new bike lane on Boston Manor road and reinstate use of this section of the road for motorists to keep traffic flow smooth and return parking bays for residents to maintain securityMr Kinsuk Mitra27 April 201843
Members and Customers of New Chiswick PoolMs Anthea Buckeridge19 June 201840
install a motorbike gate at the tunnel between Westmacott and the footpath to the train stationRaychel Utting19 September 20181
Instal CCTV cameras at the end of padstow walkToyah Grimes 2 June 201826
change the bin collection back to weekly and replace the binsdavid scully 5 March 20191
introduce warning signs to inform dog owners of public discontent with dog mess on the pavements, alleyways and parks used by public; and also introduce designated bins for dog’s mess in alleywaysMs Vesna Cvetek30 April 20188
rescind the Strand on the Green parking restrictionsMark Attrill12 February 201924
install traffic calming measures to slow traffic down on Wavendon Avenue (W4)Kevin Braine 4 May 20189

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