Petition to: Quince House inclusion in the Tilley Road CPZ area

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to Quince House inclusion in the Tilley Road CPZ area. More details

Petition update from the council, 20 July 2016

“Dear Resident


Following your representation on this petition at the Area Committee on the 30 June, we all agreed we would meet on the evening of Thursday 21 July, in the community room at Feltham Library.

The purpose of this meeting is quite clear –

• to form as one group that represents all the residents in Quince House;
• to create a single point of contact for the council and other bodies (e.g. Town centre Management) to work with residents;
• and to enable and fully brief your local councillors about Quince House issues and what is needed.

The meeting is not a formal council meeting – it is a residents meeting – and it will not be minuted or recorded formally. This gives everyone the chance to air their views and to develop a forward plan. Parking is the immediate concern but we hope this meeting will establish a group who can act as the Quince House residents representatives within a Residents Association.

The meeting starts at 730pm and should finish at 830pm at the latest.

With very best regards, hope to see you there,
Cllr. Elizabeth Hughes*

(*Please note that I am coming to help run the meeting – this is a Quince House Residents meeting)”

Further information

This message was provided by Councillor Elizabeth Hughes, ward councillor in the Feltham West Ward, and is being sent by her to all those who signed the petition seeking to include Quince House in the local controlled parking zone. Councillor Hughes' email address is

More details from petition creator

Quince House is not included within the Tilley Road CPZ area. It seems unjust for us to be excluded from the CPZ area in our local vicinity. We live in this area and have the right to be included in decisions that affect us. The Tilley Road CPZ is within our area of abode and this is where we have always parked our vehicles. We would like to purchase a parking permit for our vehicles to be permitted to park in the newly created CPZ area close to our homes.

Current signatories

R.C, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Daniel Blazkiewicz
  • Dagmara Blazkiewicz
  • Jarek Kalinowski
  • Erin Hinson
  • ruth chimbumu
  • Agnieszka Wlodarczyk
  • Tomasz Wlodarczyk
  • Adam Swieboda
  • Hannah
  • AL
  • Halima khan
  • Jamal khan
  • Tachiona
  • Agnes
  • martin sealy
  • Andy
  • Rob Antill
  • Karim Rabhi
  • marco chella
  • Derek Enyenihi
  • Elie Maroun Andraos
  • Tania Nadile
  • Karen Regan
  • majedur
  • Rachel Redman
  • Paris Ghaffary
  • D Sealy
  • Kawaase Mustapha
  • Michelle Morris
  • Brightmore
  • Victoria Adebola
  • Ayomide Adebola
  • A Dziubek
  • Nkeiruka Samuel
  • Kelly Samuel
  • V.R
  • Elaine Murray-Knox
  • Dave Knox
  • Marta Swieboda
  • Robert Meade
  • Mai Khalil
  • Sarah Meade
  • Tatiana Enyenihi
  • Andrew Mhando
  • Anna Mhando
  • Mellesia Freckleton
  • Verona Williams
  • Rita Hachani
  • Melvin
  • Chez burton
  • Sandra Searles
  • N Monteiro-Pages
  • Hayley barren
  • Amanda tyler
  • Seema
  • Beverley morris
  • Nathan Oates
  • Rakhee Verma
  • Jo badgery
  • Ali ahmed
  • Jafar
  • Mrs A Khanom
  • Lotifa khatun
  • Mandy Parnell
  • Beverley Carder
  • Mrs S Seaney
  • sharon denham
  • n khatun
  • Rafiq Ali
  • juchinar searles
  • K Ahmed
  • D Chouwdhury
  • Hajji Afzalali
  • Koyes Khandakar
  • Asad khan
  • Mashuk rabbani
  • Patricia Achish Liwag
  • Francisco Noe Liwag
  • Samuelle Litonjua
  • Christina regan
  • Christine Wuche