Petition to: NOT grant parking permit eligibility to residents in private estates within the proposed Riverside CPZ.

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to NOT grant parking permit eligibility to residents in private estates within the proposed Riverside CPZ. More details

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The introduction of a CPZ in Riverside will barely allow for sufficient parking spaces for local residents relying on street parking. A survey conducted by residents covering Herbert Gardens, Ernest Gardens and Magnolia Road has indicated that at least one parking space per residence is required. With the introduction of the CPZ the resident parking needs in this area will likely exceed the number of parking spaces provided for in the detailed design set out by Hounslow Council. If residents of private estates were granted parking permit eligibility, the already tight situation would be further exacerbated. Private estates already have parking available in the same or greater ratio (one or two parking spaces per residence) to residents relying on on-street parking. We deem this situation to differ significantly from that of Sutton Court and Watchfield Court, private developments which were granted parking permit eligibility in their CPZ. In these cases, the number of residences greatly exceeded the number of parking spaces provided within the private developments.

Current signatories

Mr Andy Preston, the petition creator, joined by:

  • David Kimpton
  • David Woodward
  • Dino Mahoney
  • Charlotte Kimpton
  • Diane McAllister
  • Catherine Earnshaw
  • David Nicol
  • Ben Chappell
  • Beatrix Chappell
  • Juliet Hogg
  • Kathryn Parry
  • Helen Baker
  • Stephanie Moser
  • Cliff Feltham
  • Alexander Jones
  • Catherine Taylor
  • Mr Kenneth McAllister
  • Karen Jorgensen
  • Pennie Mendes
  • Joy Rydquist
  • Penny Hallowes
  • Bonnie Meloche
  • Lucy Delafons
  • Caroline Faithfull
  • Yvonne Hughes
  • Mark Simmons
  • Bridget Coates
  • Mike Howells