Petition to: Create a CPZ in Ridgeway Road

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to Create a CPZ in Ridgeway Road. More details

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Following the recent introduction of a CPZ in the lower end of College Road, the parking situation in Ridgeway Road has become almost intolerable. Commuters and tradesmen now use the road as free parking throughout the day and the incredible amount of traffic connected to the Law Courts make it pretty much impossible to park on the street/near your property in working hours. I realise that Ridgeway Road were relatively recently given the opportunity to implement a CPZ and voted against. However, I feel that having endured two months of parking 'hell' - many residents would re-consider their choice, even those on the side where off-street parking is prevalent. A once quiet, pretty street in Isleworth is now overrun by vehicles throughout the day.

Current signatories

Mr David Reynolds, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Sally
  • Mell witheridge
  • NitA
  • Ros Clifford
  • brian fall
  • Iris Turner
  • Donna White
  • David White
  • Chamandeep Gill
  • Andrew Davidson
  • Monica Davidson
  • Stella Susto-Fairn
  • Martin Fairn
  • Ceri Sketchley
  • Craig Weightman
  • Jared Weightman
  • Joseph weightman
  • Victor Murphy
  • Avneeta Rekhi
  • Meena Lota
  • Stephen Dray
  • Lily Bath
  • Asem Sayed
  • Saira
  • Paul Yarnell
  • Angela Yarnell
  • Anthony Melhuish
  • Dr. Paul W Seccombe
  • Surinder P Bains
  • Harmohinder Bains
  • Wendy Seccombe
  • Rhona Barton
  • Jonathan Jenkins
  • Greg Eichstadt
  • Avril de Vismes
  • Steve
  • Jo short
  • Garry Short
  • Veera Lota
  • Simon Brown +
  • Ellie Short