Petition to: Extend the Controlled Parking Zone Between Riverview Grove to Grove Park Road

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to Extend the Controlled Parking Zone Between Riverview Grove to Grove Park Road. More details

More details from petition creator

Dear Riverside residents. It has become abundantly clear that the introduction of the new CPZ in Grove Park Terrace (and area) has simply moved the parking problem yet further south toward the river. Like them or loather them, CPZ's provide a valuable function if deployed in a logical way. The result of the latest CPZ is to concentrate the problem on to a very small area between Riverview Grove and Chiswick Station. I appreciate not everyone wants to pay for a yearly permit and many will argue it's just another 'stealth tax' but given the circumstances I am sure the benefits will outweigh the cost. Please sign if you agree. Thank you

Current signatories

Mr Sam Dayeh, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Charlotte Pendred
  • Boris Pomroy
  • Amanda dayeh
  • Benjamin H Jones
  • Darcus Beese
  • N Thomas
  • Graham Holley
  • Soo-mi Kim
  • Jane Valentin
  • David Joanes
  • Lisa Lambakis
  • Zach Lambakis
  • Sam
  • Caroline Cornelius
  • Rebecca Mount
  • Alexander Cornelius
  • Mike Constantinou
  • Rosemary Jennings
  • Brian Pearson
  • Nick Ware
  • Lucy Pownall
  • luke scott
  • Peter Valentin
  • Peter Jaye
  • Dee oliver
  • Helen Simkin
  • Neil Morris
  • Ting Morris
  • James Higgins
  • Jessica Lace
  • Sabrina Wisely
  • Chris Wisely
  • Dinah Garrett
  • Susan Holleyo
  • James Eatwell
  • Laeony Jones
  • Tony Simkin
  • Mark gay
  • paul oliver
  • Juliette Smith
  • Suruj Dutta
  • C Gulliver
  • Peter Wiley
  • Diane Hanna
  • Susan Gay
  • Audrey Jennings
  • Brian Green
  • Simon Swift
  • Jemma Swift
  • Raymond Lamb
  • Janet Sears-Lamb
  • Karen Wyatt
  • Alyna Farrer
  • Johan Haynes
  • Tracey Haynes
  • Sophie Eatwell
  • Nashat Thomas
  • Dolores Thomas
  • Brian O'Sullivan
  • Jane Routledge