Petition to: Petition for residential parking permits in our area.

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We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to Petition for residential parking permits in our area. More details

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Everyone in the surrounding area of Brentford football stadium and the A4 knows what an issue parking is but recently parking has become an even bigger worry since new developments are being made and new homes in the area with no parking facilities. Lets make the Roads surrounding these areas, Green Dragon Lane, Burford Road and Ealing road Residential parking only. It's a nightmare you go out on a Saturday come home and you can't park because theirs a match on, or you take your kids to school come home and can't park because the builders have nicked your parking space. Sign this petition so coming home in these winter months your guaranteed a parking space near your home and stopping the non residence from parking on our streets. Residential Parking all the way!

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