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We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to RESIDENTIAL PERMIT PARKING. More details

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• Surrounding roads (Standard Road, Clare Road, Martindale Road) are now completely resident parking only during daytime, so this has caused a ripple effect on surrounding roads where there is unrestricted parking, furthering the parking problems on Cambridge Road. • Heightened amount of neighboring residents (tenants without proof of residence to apply for permits and Uber drivers) are now parking on our road because they can not/will not apply for their parking permits for their road; either due to cost or eligibility. • We have at least one case of hit and run damage to our cars per quarter – we have stopped referring these to the police because it is inflating our insurance premiums and not changing anything on the roads. • Non-local residents using our road for free holiday parking, for weeks at a time, whilst traveling from Heathrow airport. Proposal • Introduce parking restrictions during peak hours only and not throughout the day • School stuff is another problem blocking parking for residents and the school is expanding so that means will get only worst.

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