Petition to: Residents parking controlled zone for Newlands Close

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to Residents parking controlled zone for Newlands Close. More details

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Controlled residents parking restrictions so that residents can park when they return from work and all day of a weekend to stop unlicensed traders leaving untaxed vehicles and vehicles without MOT in the road. This will also help with people that do not live in the area from leaving their vehicles parked whilst they go away on holiday

Current signatories

Barbara Dale, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Janice Mordue
  • Mark Allen
  • Evleen Saghal
  • Simran saghal
  • Anwar Shaikh
  • Sobya Shaikh
  • Sufyan Shaikh
  • Shaheda Shaikh
  • Gayna McDonnell
  • Stacey Tebbenham
  • Aisha Ghadialy
  • Hana karim
  • Viraj Vara
  • Ashita Vara
  • Hasu Vara
  • Chanda Vara
  • Aaron McDonnell
  • Rapinder Dhillon