Petition to: Make New Road bedfont ONE WAY

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We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to Make New Road bedfont ONE WAY. More details

Petition update from the council, 23 May 2017

Dear petitioner

Cllr Sam Christie, one of the ward councillors for Bedfont Ward, has requested that the briefing document below be circulated to who signed this petition.

Briefing Note

1. Recommendations

That Members:
(a) note the public concerns about congestion and associated traffic issues on New Road, and level of public support for a one way road to be created;
(b) note that the Traffic & Transport section will carry out some traffic modelling in 2017/18, to consider the possible impact of changes to traffic management on this road and the surrounding roads, and discuss the results with Ward Councillors, with a view to carrying out a full consultation with residents before end of the 17/18 financial year; and
(c) agree to proceed with preliminary consultation on a CPZ in New Road and surrounding roads.

2. Background

2.1 The purpose of this briefing note is to inform Members of the possible implications (both positive and negative) of making New Road a one-way road.

2.2 Due to concerns about traffic speed in both directions along New Road, Bedfont, a resident petition bearing 127 signatures was submitted to Hounslow Council, requesting that the council take ‘appropriate action to reduce the speeding on the road so to prevent a major accident or fatality happening’.

2.3 A previous briefing note was subsequently presented to Councillors at the Bedfont, Feltham and Hanworth Area Forum on 26 January 2017. Four recommendations were made, including waiting until the implementation of the 20mph speed limit on New Road, and then commissioning a post-implementation speed survey to assess compliance.

2.4 At the Area Forum, strong support was shown by members of the public and by Councillors, for a different measure - for New Road being made one-way. Councillors requested that an alternative solution be found, and that an officer report back by the next Area Forum on the following:
• the potential impact of making New Road one-way;
• feasibility of a one way;
• timeframe for a potential one-way;
• timeframe for the implementation of the 20mph speed limit;
• parking enforcement on New Road - particularly with respect to safety of blocking emergency vehicles; and
• consultation on a potential New Road CPZ.

3. Current situation, and concerns

3.1 Since the Area Forum on 26 January, further support for a one-way on New Road has been shown by the creation of a petition with 136 signatures. The petition ended on 16 March 2017. It should be noted that we do not have records of where those who have signed the petition reside, therefore do not know whether this represents the majority view of those living on New Road.

3.2 There are few waiting restrictions in place on New Road, and parking takes place on both sides except in a few locations. This, in addition to the fact that the road is fairly narrow and straight, means that there are few passing places for motorists to give way.

3.3 While congestion does not occur for most of the day, residents are concerned about the extent of congestion at peak times, which results in anti-social behaviour and tension between motorists coming into conflict Concerns include vehicle damage, physical fights between drivers at times, as well as the sound of car horns, and pollution affecting residents of the road on a regular basis.

3.4 It has been highlighted by residents that emergency vehicle access along New Road is difficult at times, due to the congestion. The Police, London Ambulance Service (LAS) and London Fire Brigade (LFB) have been contacted for their views on access along this road during emergency call responses.
In response, the Police had no concerns to report, LFB also had no issues to report - they note that the road is double parked but felt there are areas where traffic can give way, and they recommended that Hounslow monitor this issue. The LAS advised that they are not aware of any negative issues on this road in relation to access.

3.5 Hounslow are due to implement a 20mph speed limit on New Road, as part of our ongoing commitment to introducing this speed limit on all residential roads that do not carry significant through traffic. While an exact timeframe for implementation of 20mph on this road is not available at present, it will be introduced this financial year.

3.6 The available speed data for New Road dates to September 2013, when a two-week speed survey was undertaken between Page Road and Hatton Road. This shows that the 85th percentile speed travelling northbound is 28.1 mph and southbound 25.2 mph, with the mean averages being 22.4 mph and 20.7 mph respectively. This suggests that the majority of traffic is within the current speed limit of 30mph.
Following the introduction of a 20mph speed limit on New Road, we would expect vehicle speeds to reduce slightly - evidence from other areas where 20mph schemes have been implemented, suggests that a 1% reduction in average speeds is a reasonable expectation, and that this would then deliver a reduction in casualties.

3.7 The 2013 survey also collected traffic volumes going both north and south along the road. The 24 hour breakdown of traffic volume for 1 week is shown below* as ‘average weekday flows’, indicating traffic flow southbound is heavier

*This chart has been removed to enable the document to be copied & pasted into the email.

4. One way for New Road

4.1 Making New Road one way would reduce congestion and conflict on the journey down the road (where motorists currently try to get past each other & find passing places) thus avoiding the tensions currently being experienced.

4.2 There is also popular support for such a measure, as demonstrated by the recent petition on the council’s website in support of this measure, with 136 signatures on it. As noted in 3.1 above it is not clear where the support is from, which would support the need for public consultation on this matter.

4.3 Traffic speeds may increase as a result of New Road being one way. With a clearer road ahead, and no conflict from other motorists, motorists will know they are free to proceed and may increase speeds.

4.4 Increased traffic speeds would then lead to the need to look into traffic calming measures. To be effective, speed humps would be the only viable option for this road, all other forms of traffic calming would remove too much parking from the road. However, speed humps could lead to increased ground borne vibration which in turn would lead to complaints from nearby residents.

4.5 One way may potentially result in higher traffic volumes using the road as it will be easier to navigate than at present.

4.6 There would be impacts on neighbouring areas, and have a level of inconvenience to other road users trying to reach destinations past New Road. These aspects would need to be expanded on by some traffic modelling in order to try and establish the impacts more clearly.

4.7 Less permeability – a one-way road would mean other modes of transport such as cyclists, dial-a-ride, school & community transport etc. would need to find alternative routes around the area.

4.8 The potential costs of implementation will need to be taken into consideration. These would include: consultation, design, implementation and monitoring.

6. Parking enforcement on New Road

6.1 Concerns have been raised about parked vehicles blocking the journey down New Road, for emergency service vehicles, although the emergency services have not reported any issues as noted in 3.4 above.

6.2 At present there is no controlled parking zone (CPZ) in place, and there are few yellow line waiting restrictions along the road, leaving vehicles free to park on both sides of the road.

6.3 Parking enforcement is currently only possible where a vehicle is parking illegally / obstructing the footway or carriageway.

6.4 In certain locations where access may be identified as a particular concern, additional yellow line waiting might be considered to help remove parking from those areas. This would then enable enforcement, and help improve the width of the carriageway, enhancing road safety and provide potential passing places.

6.5 Additional waiting restrictions would also mean some loss of parking.

7. Controlled parking zone (CPZ)

7.1 New Road is heavily parked, with very few waiting restrictions in place.

7.2 In 2015, Hounslow consulted with residents of Page Road and New Road, on a proposed CPZ.

7.3 The consultation results showed a lack of support for introduction of a CPZ, and the results of this consultation were presented to the Area Forum on 12 March 2015.

7.4 At the January 2017 Area Forum, this was raised again and there has been some support shown for this proposal to be explored again.

7.5 Parking controls put in place recently by Catalyst Housing, on their parking areas along Page Road and Lewin Terrace, have displaced some parking onto New Road and other nearby roads, including commercial vehicles which park on New Road.

7.6 The potential for further consultation on a CPZ in this area, has been discussed between Officers and Councillors. While there has been interest in a CPZ, to our knowledge there has not been great demand from residents.

7.7 Should councillors be minded to progress this, then preliminary consultation can take place to determine the level of support to such a measure, and the results be reported back for consideration at the Area Forum.

8. What other measures are available to reduce congestion on New Road?

8.1 The creation of designated passing places on the road may be a measure that Councillors would also like to consider. This would maintain the road in its current configuration, and start to alleviate some of the difficult conflict that occurs, however it would also mean some loss of parking.

9. Timeline

9.1 The timeline for any interventions would depend on which way forward councillors would like to proceed. In all cases it is noted the traffic & transport service’s programme of works for 2017/18 (published here: is fully subscribed. Whilst further feasibility and modelling may therefore be possible this financial year implementation of any measures would need to occur from 2018/19 onwards.
• One way
Further modelling to establish the impact on neighbouring roads. Informal consultation in spring 2018 on proposal. If supported, implementation 2018/19.
• Provision of additional passing places
Statutory consultation summer 2018. Implementation Autumn/Winter 2017/18.
A Controlled Parking Zone generally takes 18 months from initial consultation to implementation. This allows for both the design of the scheme but also consideration of feedback and objections received. Informal outline consultation Winter 2017/18. Further consultation 2018. If supported, implementation of a scheme Winter 2018/19 (following informal detailed and statutory consultation).


Further information

Briefing Provided By

Seth Twombley |Transport Project Officer (Consultation, Community Engagement, Business Systems)
London Borough of Hounslow
Office: 020 8583 5213
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Please help us make New road, Bedfont one way

As residents of the road we suffer every night with ASB due to vehicles trying to get down a very narrow road, we have all had our cars damaged, and most nights listen to fights, car horns,drivers who will not give way to each other leave the car in the middle of the road, lock it and walk away, if we needed an emergency vehicle they woulkd not reach us. we have had several accidents as well where cars speed down the road. please help us by signing thsi petitions. thnak you

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