Petition to: Sutton Court Road Grove Park needs Traffic Calming to slow down drivers.

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to Sutton Court Road Grove Park needs Traffic Calming to slow down drivers. More details

More details from petition creator

Since the new Parking restrictions on Sutton Court Road Grove Park. The road has far fewer cars parked has meant the road is generally 'clearer'. Despite the '20mph' restriction the 'clearer' road has meant the speed of drivers and the noise has dramatically increased. Drivers are now driving even faster now there are no parked cars to navigate against oncoming traffic. There are Schools nearby and hundreds of children use and cross this road twice a day. The road needs more signs, speed cameras or physical calming ramps to keep the speed to 20 mph and safer for all.

Current signatories

Mr Stephen Staniland, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Dan Hart
  • Jo Roberts
  • Clare Levi
  • Elizabeth Wright
  • Kathryn Davey
  • Emma Prunier
  • Catherine Dunham
  • Danny Vroegop
  • Cigdem Sokmen
  • Hulya Er
  • Tom French
  • Rose Smith
  • Lorna Ko
  • Julia Watkiss
  • Debra Sparey
  • Erin Maury
  • Alexandra brown
  • Gabrielle Collins
  • Tim Brown
  • Caroline collins
  • Katharine Piotrowski
  • Anna leaver
  • Marilia Zellner
  • Jose Umbert
  • Madelyn Dransfield
  • Rabiya patel
  • Debbie harewood
  • Katrina Lowes
  • Fidelma Charalambous
  • Alison
  • Andrew Huckett
  • Amy McMinn
  • Martine Oborne
  • Clare Harrison
  • John Walker
  • Tamara Mehta
  • Clover Summers
  • Stephen Nutt
  • Sini Baggott-Ek
  • Ana M
  • Bernardo Monclus
  • Caroline Lamont
  • Mouaz BEN REDJEB
  • Daniel Goldsmith
  • Eugene Hertzman
  • Georgina Coles
  • Gabriella Giles
  • Kevin Thorne
  • Philip James
  • Barbara Collins
  • Sam Collins
  • Andrew Collins