This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to KEEP LEADERS EMPLOYMENT RESOURCE OPEN. More details

Petition update 3 from the council, 28 June 2011

The Mayor invited Mr Drum, the chief petitioner, to speak to his petition. He advised that his son had benefited greatly from the support provided by the Leaders Employment Resource and that the number
of signatures on the petition was large for a petition which had only been open for signatures for a week to ensure that it could be presented to the Council for the meeting that evening.

He explained that to close the organization was to misunderstand the support it provided which was not available elsewhere: over twenty years it had developed unrivalled skills in helping develop and move disabled people into jobs which made it a valuable asset to Hounslow and
the envy of other Councils. It had been praised by Government Ministers as a beacon service and a centre of excellence and espoused the principles of the Valuing People paper issued by the Government in 2001.

There was no alternative to the service it provided in Hounslow –
other provision identified in the consultation paper was good but not sufficiently specialised or dedicated in the way the Leaders Employment Resource was, and they did not offer appropriate joined up services or effective focus. To close the Resource would force its users to rely more heavily on other Council services and this was unlikely to make closing it an effective saving.

He concluded by asking Members not to close the service.

Councillor Sharma explained however that the Borough had undertaken an extensive consultation exercise and had received a significant response from residents. He appreciated the views of the community and stated that the Administration had given much consideration to the views
expressed, and also to emails and petitions. Members appreciated the involvement of residents and he concluded by hoping that the public would again get involved in similar exercises in the future as these would need to take place again in the light of the financial constraints.

The Mayor then put the recommendations to the vote and it was

• That the petitions that had been submitted to the Council which related to the budget be noted;
• That it be noted that these petitions had all previously been submitted into the Council’s budget consultation process which informs the Council’s decision making in relation to the setting of the budget (except where provided too late to do so)
• To bear the requests of the petitioners in mind when coming to a decision on the budget matters which were to be considered as part of other items on this agenda.

Petition update 2 from the council, 21 February 2011, while petition was still open

The agenda for the Borough Council meeting on 1/3/11 has now been published on-line and can be found at

Petition update 1 from the council, 21 February 2011, while petition was still open

This petition will close on the 27/2/11 with permission of the petition of the petition organiser. The petition will be submitted to Borough Council on 1/3/11.

More details from petition creator

We strongly object to the closure of Leaders Employment. It is not just an employment agency, it is a unique, valuable and irreplaceable asset of L.B. of Hounslow. It has been developed over twenty years to support adults with disabilities and mental health difficulties to find and maintain paid employment. As Leaders is an integral part of the overall social services offered by Hounslow to these adults, it is able to understand each clients needs better than other employment providers in this area. Accordingly, Leaders can place and maintain clients in the right job to provide independence and dignity. Without Leaders these adults will struggle to get and keep jobs and the cost of their support and day care will fall upon the Council and their Carers. So closure of Leaders will cost more than will be saved.

Current signatories

David Drum, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Nick Drum
  • Sarah Vass
  • David Towell
  • Diane Bushell
  • Richard Poxton
  • Jack Edmunds
  • Norman Hindmarch
  • Lynne Hindmarch
  • Gerard Drum
  • Linda Pettigrew
  • Rowena Lightfoot
  • Patricia Havell
  • Nicolette Dixon
  • Alex Loupidis
  • Jessica Drum
  • Christine Buttner
  • Sandy Collison
  • Elizabeth Edmunds
  • Pamela Pearce
  • Elizabeth Tambourne
  • John Bantick
  • Daniel Woodgate
  • Judith Whitehouse
  • Ian Lockhart
  • Karoline East
  • Valerie Booth
  • victoria booth
  • mark taylor
  • Nicholas Woodgate
  • Isabel
  • Barry neil
  • Mrs Patricia Knudsen
  • Valerie Jones
  • Vicky lewis
  • Adam Lewis
  • Els Footman
  • Graham Woodgate
  • Shirley Woodgate
  • Celia Haddon
  • Lee Buckley
  • Elizabeth Byrne Hill
  • Anne Woodgate
  • Andra East
  • Steve Snead
  • Peter Ogden
  • Jim Bowen
  • Clare Elstow
  • Cezary Pankowski
  • Ian Ash
  • Stephanie Sinclair
  • Melissa Garner
  • Helen Couchman
  • Thomas Garner
  • Andrew Hill
  • fiona mclaren
  • Jackie Pople
  • Bernice and James McLaren
  • Adam Ashton
  • Alexander McLaren
  • Jo Howland
  • Anna Hassam
  • Andrew Bushell
  • annarumian
  • Harvey Bhui
  • Tony Lazare
  • Angela Behan
  • Patrick McNamee
  • David Milligan
  • Sarah Mankarious
  • Jackie Pople
  • Miranda Byrne Hill
  • Sue Potter
  • Anne Gibbons
  • Paul Gibbons
  • Margaret Fear
  • Ian Clements
  • Anita Allen
  • allan mathieson
  • C S Howlett
  • Emmy Buckingham
  • Tim Cronin
  • Jonathan Oppe
  • Mike Thompson
  • Innes Mathieson
  • Sonia Chopra
  • Sheun king
  • Rory Mathieson
  • Sue Taylor
  • Afia Bhatti
  • Janet Mayne
  • robert burr
  • R J Jones
  • Jamie Sparks
  • David Heard
  • Leon Gilbert
  • Nicole Jones
  • Kevin Jones
  • Lucy Green
  • Charlie Phillips
  • Jennifer Brown
  • Anne Mundy
  • Mary Phillips
  • Mary Phillips
  • Zoe Angle
  • Dominic Phillips
  • Lucy K Phillips
  • Paul Hodkinson
  • Lynn Rayner
  • Ashok Sud
  • Shivani Sud
  • Becky Hill
  • Diane Morgan
  • Israr Yaqub
  • Elisabeth Evans
  • Gill Clark
  • Hunbir Sidhu
  • Akram Fazeli
  • Linda Page-Akers
  • Sue evans
  • Matthew Seaby
  • stephen evans
  • Elias Kopti
  • Val Tyrrell & James Tyrrell
  • Shahid Chaudri
  • Hazel Brightman
  • Debbie Barnes
  • Foluke Fambo
  • Edward Thomas
  • Jaspaul Vilkhu
  • mark tyler
  • manju walia
  • renu sahota
  • Meena ladwa
  • Amer Anwar
  • M Gujral
  • Romi Anwar
  • Bharat Shah
  • Beatrice Harper
  • Niall Herron
  • Shalu Gujral
  • Aaron Satchwell
  • Amy Walia
  • Katie Jones
  • ranjeev walia
  • Krish Sahota
  • Michael Graham-Smith
  • Pauline Carter