Petition to: Create a CPZ for Hartham Road

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to Create a CPZ for Hartham Road. More details

More details from petition creator

We would like the council to implement a CPZ on Hartham Road. Parking for residents is now nearly impossible during the week and weekends. Residents’ cars are being damaged with over use of Hartham Road. This is due to a number of factors such as:

1. Non-residents park on the road to access local transport hubs, Hospital and Heathrow. The two local businesses on Wood Lane use Hartham Road for overflow parking, and often cars are parked on the road for months.

No less than five abandoned vehicles have been removed from the west end of Hartham Road in the last 12 months

2. London Square development using the road, as they have no onsite parking for their staff.

London Square will contain approximately 206 flats, with approximately 150 car parking spaces in total. Note, one bed flats do not qualify for parking; these residents will need to park elsewhere.

3. During the Nishkam School drop off and pick up times parents jostle for parking, park on double yellow lines and on the bus stop.

Although Nishkam are relocating in 2018, the site on Wood Lane is scheduled to be converted into flats. With limited outside space, external car parking will be required.

4. A new residential parking zone has recently been implemented on the roads adjacent to Syon Lane station. This has already had a knock-on impact on the surroundings roads.

5. Residential parking is under consideration for other local roads including Amhurst Gardens, St Johns Road, Linkfield Road, Syon London Road and several others. If these CPZs are implemented the knock-on impact to Hartham Road, with no CPZ, would be disastrous.

We strongly urge the council to introduce a CPZ to prevent commuters and holidaymakers and other non-residents abusing the free parking in the road and allow residents to park in the vicinity.

Current signatories

Sam Halligan, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Keely Halligan
  • Warrick McNeill
  • Robin Smith
  • Neesam Mohoboob
  • Marc Lukawsky
  • Tommy Gillard
  • Caroline Gillard
  • Diane mcgann
  • Michael mcgann
  • Wendy Borner
  • Gareth Borner
  • Milla Dotsenko-Hann
  • Amy Pundole
  • Nick Drew
  • Anthony Hann
  • Alison Appannah
  • Jon Thompson
  • Heather thompson
  • Rebecca Woodhams
  • Joan Watts
  • Emma Harvey
  • Siobhan Dunning
  • E Flynn
  • Mary Patricia Rainsford
  • Paul Gallagher
  • Andrea Winchester
  • Russell Berg
  • Ann Mary Dyer
  • Elaine Quinn
  • gillian tyler
  • mrs i.r.barber
  • david doherty
  • Lucy Wakeford
  • Iwan Thomas
  • Justin Gane
  • Susan Gane
  • Omar Niedenthal
  • Katie forman
  • deborah stow
  • Peter bennett
  • Andrew Thomas
  • Freddie Thomas
  • Sharna Beckles
  • Adrian Beckles
  • Sam Mcneill
  • Geraldine bennett
  • Rachel donovan
  • thomas donovan
  • Amanda Green
  • Lisa Andrews
  • James Potts
  • John burton
  • John Walsh
  • Giles webber
  • Tanya webber
  • Beth Huett
  • Nigel Abramow
  • Karen Bhamra
  • Roy Heather
  • Angela Moore
  • Shaj Akand
  • Zosia Thackray
  • Sharon Ellison
  • Anya pearson
  • Graham Martin
  • Rosalynda Pearson
  • Carolyn Bointon
  • R Gibson
  • T gibson
  • Claire Leonard
  • Terry Leonard
  • bernie walsh
  • lisa devine
  • william & breda collin
  • Inga Mills
  • Miss Sue Wilkinson
  • Steve
  • Michael Goodman
  • Rohit Ahuja
  • Deborah currie
  • David currie
  • Sam currie
  • George currie
  • Duncan Pearson
  • Kamran Bokhari
  • Krzysztof Kwasnik
  • Daniel Mcgann
  • Talat Bryant
  • Emily mccrory
  • Peter mccrory
  • Carolyn Timms
  • Martyn Shawyer
  • Andrew Brosnan
  • Greg Walsh
  • Madeleine Walsh
  • Julia Hall
  • Peter Carey
  • Shindy Ahuja