Petition to: Introduce CPZ in Magnolia Road, Ernest Gardens & Herbert Gardens, Chiswick W4

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to Introduce CPZ in Magnolia Road, Ernest Gardens & Herbert Gardens, Chiswick W4. More details

More details from petition creator

We are residents of Magnolia Road, Ernest Gardens and Herbert Gardens and are petitioning for the introduction of CPZ in our streets. These streets are the closest to the new Strand On The Green CPZ and since the implementation of the SOTG CPZ, parking on our streets has become impossible. The cars parked are not necessarily commuters as they seem to be have been parked for weeks on end. Some of the cars have been parked here for several months and do not appear to belong to any of the local residents. Other cars are likely to be residents of the SOTG CPZ who have chosen not to apply for a first or second permit. The situation will only get worse once the new CPZ in the surrounding streets is implemented. We are requesting that LBH introduce CPZ in the streets named above during the hours of 10-12 Monday to Friday.

Current signatories

Jane Hanna, the petition creator, joined by:

  • David Woodward
  • Juliet Hogg
  • Stephen Mepham
  • Mark Matthews
  • Lame Verre
  • Kevin Gibbs-Wragge
  • Matthew Gibbs-Wragge
  • Kim sweeney
  • Kate Chapman
  • Jacqueline Arnold
  • Philip Inness
  • Stephanie Moser
  • Abby Bowers
  • Caroline Ward
  • Francesco Verre
  • Charlotte Kimpton
  • Kristina matthews
  • Richard griffith
  • Cliff feltham
  • sara Dudley
  • Jo Versi
  • Bonnie A Meloche
  • Alexander Jones
  • Guy Fairbank
  • Emma Lawson
  • Hannah Dove
  • Diane Brocklebank
  • Ken McAllister
  • James Holmes-Siedle
  • Patricia Lampard
  • wade logan
  • David Nicol
  • Norma Gibbons
  • Catherine Earnshaw
  • Yvonne Hughes
  • Simon Baker
  • Andy Preston
  • Caroline Faithfull
  • Lucy Preston
  • Caron Beith
  • Sarah Cort
  • Trevor Eveleigh
  • Penny Hallowes
  • Joy Rydquist
  • Matt Holmes
  • Laylah Holmes
  • Denise Tudor-Whelan
  • Paul Clabburn
  • Ellen Clabburn
  • Tim Coates
  • Trevor Locker
  • Miranda Dawn Leedham
  • John Giles
  • Bridget Coates
  • Karen Jorgensen
  • Shiraz Versi