Petition to: Introduce controlled parking zone on Fruen Road TW14

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to Introduce controlled parking zone on Fruen Road TW14. More details

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This petition is about introducing resident controlled parking zone on Fruen Road TW14. We are continually inconvenienced by a very limited on street parking available on this road. It is extremely challenging for residents to park their cars especially after 5pm in the afternoon and weekends. Local residents with driveway space are also refusing to use their space available within their properties. This has also caused issues in using the on street parking and not the space available within their property. Further more the contractors that work on the new building site near this road leave their cars on a Fruen Road from early mornings to late evenings and this also causes difficulties for residents to park. We would like for this petition to be reviewed in favour of local residents.

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