Petition to: Create a hail and ride stop route that goes down Frampton Road.

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to Create a hail and ride stop route that goes down Frampton Road. More details

Petition update from the council, 10 February 2011

Borough Council discussed this petition at its meeting on 1/2/11. Officers are working to have the bus route extended although there were some details that needed further negotiation. It is unlikely that there is a "quick fix" resolution.

More details from petition creator

For a long time the residents that live by Hounslow Heath have had to walk a long distance to the nearest bus stop. This can be very tiresome for those who do shopping or have young children, and can also be dangerous during winter. The petition present will hopefully make a change to this and extend the 237 route with a hail and ride stop down Frampton Road.

Current signatories

Samantha-Jayne Banful, the petition creator, joined by:

  • vrinda
  • Stephen Hutchinson
  • Nabeela Mulbocus
  • Ahran Gill
  • Vijay Veerasamy
  • roshni
  • Satvir Sidhu
  • Charmi Shah
  • Kofi Nti
  • Lady-Karen Ani-Adjei
  • Beryl Banful
  • Kwesi Korsah
  • Mo Omotola
  • Adelaide Ani-Adjei
  • Reena
  • Sean O'Donnell
  • Tshay
  • Komal Thakur
  • derek osei
  • toks francis
  • Eshia Garcha
  • Manvir Mann
  • charlotte mitchell
  • Samuel Lartey
  • Olutomi Kaka
  • Lisa Francois
  • Nicola Papanicola
  • Kwaku Boateng
  • Simon Gabriel
  • Kevin Amoakuh
  • Anchala
  • Amal Gafoor
  • Dupe Adeagbo
  • Bernie Ganaden
  • Michael Kaka
  • Tomini
  • Alice Ruziwa
  • Valerie Sadoh
  • Cliona Corrigan
  • faraaz ahmad
  • abid amiri
  • shirin
  • izat
  • Symie Kaur
  • chelsea
  • bianca
  • Ibrahim Haizel
  • andreea
  • Gunisha Gill
  • Derrick Black
  • Eshna Mangat
  • Navdeep
  • Patricia Viana
  • Amy Djang
  • Sam Banful
  • Lizzie Brewer
  • vj
  • tshaun
  • simran kishore
  • priyanka
  • Zeinab Audu
  • Kai Watson
  • Sylvia Nti
  • Warren C,J Roberts
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