Petition to: object to LB Hounslow’s withdrawal of financial support from CVS Hounslow

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to object to LB Hounslow’s withdrawal of financial support from CVS Hounslow. More details

Petition update from the council, 13 July 2011

Petition update from June Borough Council meeting.

The Mayor introduced the petition for consideration and, in the absence of Councillor Sachin Gupta, Cabinet Member for Communities, he invited Councillor Jagdish Sharma, the Leader of the Council, to speak to it.

Councillor Sharma noted that the organisation, the Council for Voluntary Services in Hounslow (CVS Hounslow), had not been successful at tender. However, the Council was obliged by European Union Law to tender in a specific way, and this together with the Council’s own contract rules ensured that the tendering process was transparent. At the end of the tendering process, there were two companies who were evaluated as being better value than CVS Hounslow. The successful company, GLE Consulting Limited, had been operating the service since April 2011.

The Mayor then put the matter to the vote and it was
RESOLVED –That the response be noted.

More details from petition creator

LB Hounslow’s withdrawing of financial support from the core functions of CVS Hounslow has resulted in its closure and the awarding of the service commission to GLE Consulting Ltd. Compare CVS Hounslow: •Effective work with members and local VCS who between them bring an estimated £20m into the borough •18 years of local sector knowledge •Democratic, member-led •A small charity sharing conditions with all other local VCS •Wholly non-profit making •Growth of 15 - 20 new members a year • Appropriate care and support to groups whatever their circumstances with GLE Consulting: •No borough connection, no previous track record of capacity building in Hounslow •Only partially non-profit •Not a charity so cannot bring in further funding for capacity building •Big enough to undercut any local CVS as a routine investment, once they have established a track record in Hounslow •…and well placed to do so being wholly owned by the 33 London boroughs. We believe that this change will be disadvantageous to the voluntary sector in Hounslow and is entirely contrary to the spirit of ‘localism’

Current signatories

Julie Bone, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Nina Thomas
  • Belinda Canosa
  • Jo Willis
  • Michelle Nielsen
  • Pauline Harwood
  • yvonne james
  • Donna Sussex
  • Karen Adams
  • Rosemary Bunce
  • Jennie Whitford
  • Anna Walker
  • Desiree Polluk
  • Sadia Karmalkar
  • Misak Ohanian
  • tracy Hiney
  • Nigel Byrne
  • Michele Rooney
  • Huw Bromage
  • Katy Cox
  • beth doyle
  • Khalil Rahman
  • Patricia David
  • Amanda Timpson
  • Philemon Mapfumo
  • Dhanesh Sakaria
  • Denize Benson
  • Phil Andrews
  • Aaron Hersey
  • Mafaz Ansari
  • Sanja Kane
  • Amanda Foley
  • Chris Wingrove
  • Zahida Saddiq
  • Sarah Gardner
  • Edward Wilson
  • Ruth Somerville
  • Veronica Mulenga
  • Mike Lawley
  • Ted Hill
  • Sandra Machado
  • Carol Hammond
  • Sandy RAhman
  • trixie Rawlinson
  • Romey Allison
  • Kate White
  • Margaret O'Connor
  • Rachel Alcock
  • Mary-Ellen Archer
  • Emma Hughes
  • Cecilia Coleshaw
  • Sally Malit
  • Jose Penrose
  • Jason King
  • Priscilla Turner
  • Christine Hay
  • Debbie Hughes
  • Lynda Evans
  • Vivien Hopkirk
  • M E Easton
  • Kate Hebditch
  • Caroline Andrews
  • Yvette Shepherd
  • Jeri Appiah
  • Monica Pal
  • Anita Charles
  • Rory Gillert
  • Angela Deighton
  • T.nagulendram
  • Susan Armitt
  • Nigel Hay
  • Seema Bhogal
  • Rodgers Orero
  • Lyn Streather
  • Debby Morris
  • Sean Rose
  • Joanna James
  • Barbara Harvey
  • Edward Tetbury
  • Jessie Jandu
  • andy roper
  • Joan McIntyre
  • Hilary Strudwick
  • Dawn Cowley
  • Vick Virdee
  • Polly Healy
  • Tim Watkins-Idle
  • Sarah Ellison
  • Luisa Short
  • Paula McDonnell
  • Amy Cox Wootton
  • Jemma Patel
  • Rosemary Gooder
  • Olasumbo
  • Ewa Gulczynska
  • Erica Conduit
  • Maria Tunmer
  • Jacqueline Smith
  • E Jane Thomson
  • Emily Robinson
  • K Bascombe
  • Rob Burton
  • Simon Bellham
  • Linda Trueman
  • Dennis Hodgkins
  • Steve Hedley
  • Pauline Cooper
  • Laura Skorupa
  • Natalie Creevy
  • Helen Brown
  • sue matthews
  • Donna Bowman
  • Raja Yunus