Petition to: Introduce a Controlled Parking Zone on Shirehorse Way and Draymans Way in Isleworth, Tw7

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to Introduce a Controlled Parking Zone on Shirehorse Way and Draymans Way in Isleworth, Tw7. More details

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we want to introduce a controlled parking zone for the above named streets in order to stop the dangerous and congested parking brought about by commuters and commercial vehicles as well as 'school run' vehicles. we have witnessed on many occasions near misses for potentially serious accidents involving both vehicles and pedestrians. we feel this is a residential area and not a parking ground for commuters, commercial vehicles, school run vehicles and alike that continuously obstruct the flow of traffic. we want to keep this a safe and quiet residential area for everyone, especially our children.

Current signatories

Philip Gunhouse, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Mark chin
  • Johanna Gunhouse
  • Pat Stringer
  • Keith Mitchell
  • Suzanne Mitchell
  • Holly Swallow
  • Hardeep Bahia
  • Christopher Lloyd
  • George Todorovic
  • Marina Todorovic
  • Stefan Todorovic
  • John Atkinson
  • Anna Atkinson
  • Ana Mari
  • Tony Nunes Pereira
  • Gobi Luxman
  • Malathi Kanapathy
  • roger smith
  • Tulay
  • Jon Lucas
  • Ümit Eruyar
  • Suman Bangera
  • Charlotte Povey
  • Chaminda Perera
  • Barbara Bulmer
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  • Heather Sethi
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  • Vijay Sethi
  • Lars Anders Bjellerup
  • Elaine Bjellerup
  • Michael O'Shea
  • Julieta C
  • Jose C
  • Lucy horan
  • Alan Jones
  • Cara Pritchard
  • Oliver Sheridan
  • Stephen Bunbury
  • Roger Stairmand
  • James Winn
  • Mary Potter
  • Mick Potter
  • Nicola Metson
  • Patricia green
  • Sue Joiner
  • Tracey Bailey
  • Chris Bailey
  • Angela Cox
  • Vicente Sanseverino
  • Anne R
  • Victoria Coles
  • Magda
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