Petition to: Keep the bike lane on Boston Manor Road

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to Keep the bike lane on Boston Manor Road. More details

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Cycling is an environmentally sound way to travel bringing benefits to cyclists and the wider community. This cycle path is a small step toward improving the cycle networks around Brentford helping get people out of cars reducing pollution and congestion. We feel it should not be taken away.

Current signatories

Anthony Jewitt, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Anthony Jewitt
  • Holly Nessling
  • Derek Mullan
  • David Gruenstein
  • Alison Tsang
  • Alison Mullaley
  • Sarah-Jane Jobes
  • Peter McGovern
  • John
  • James Morley
  • Simon Moore
  • Michelle Murphy
  • Jacqueline James
  • Josh Kerry
  • Graham Stretch
  • Ann Gallagher
  • Barbara karayi
  • Lynn McCarron
  • Nigel Harniman
  • Ok Rappaport
  • Adrian Camm
  • Angelika Budna
  • Katie Baxter
  • Innes Garden
  • Shefali modi
  • Marc Finnerty
  • Astrid Purzelbaum
  • Keith Shorten
  • Will Watson
  • Andrew Lawman
  • Vanessa Alvarez
  • Douglas Benford
  • Andrew Dakers
  • Gordon McIntosh
  • Alan Niel
  • caitlin shorten
  • Liz Sylvester
  • Jane Wheeler
  • Pierre Renwick
  • anita ralli
  • Michele Jameson
  • Mukhtar Yahya
  • Darren Halford
  • Jon Marks
  • Elizabeth Seear
  • Krishna Maroo
  • Catherine Mistry
  • Guy Lambert
  • Martin McCloghry
  • D. Johnstone
  • Teresa Anderson
  • Martin Gorst