Petition to: introduce as a matter of urgency a CPZ covering Kinnaird Avenue and adjacent streets

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to introduce as a matter of urgency a CPZ covering Kinnaird Avenue and adjacent streets. More details

More details from petition creator

As a result of the extension of CPZ's in Grove Park,non-CPZ streets are becoming 'park and ride' car parks for outsiders using the area to park for free to commute to town or shop in Chiswick High Road. This is making it increasingly difficult for residents to park near their homes, as I'm sure you've all experienced. There are a number of petitions covering the area around Riverview Road and Grove Park Gardens (CPZ area 3) and it is likely that Hounslow will act on these. There is not, as yet, a petition covering the area around Kinnaird Avenue/Grove Park Road/Bolton Road/Spencer Road/Devonshire Gardens (CPZ area 5). It is therefore vital that CPZ area 5 is considered by Hounslow at the same time, otherwise the problems in area 5 will be magnified if this area is left out of the deliberations and only area 3 is designated a CPZ. Although CPZ's in most areas of Grove Park were strongly opposed at the last consultation in September 2015,we need to recognise the reality of the present situation and press for a CPZ covering the hours of 10am to noon on weekdays.

Current signatories

Mr Eugene Hertzman, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Christina Leclercq
  • Afif Safieh
  • AM Hertzman
  • James Wood
  • Ruth Wood
  • Glyn Towlerton
  • Patrice Day
  • Sheila McGregor
  • Rakesh Thakrar
  • Nisha Thakrar
  • Mrs. Cathryn Copeland
  • Chris Copeland
  • Andrea Caulton
  • Jo Midgley
  • Evan Michaels
  • Stephanie Robertson
  • Adam Robertson
  • Alan Day
  • Jonathan Midgley
  • Sumita Kar
  • d. southwell
  • Samantha Whittaker
  • Adam Whittaker
  • Gavin Waldron
  • Priscilla Davis
  • Dolores Thomas
  • Viviana Waldron
  • Andrea Cook
  • Pierre Fowell
  • Beryl yorath
  • abigail klapp
  • I Low
  • Jo Longmore
  • Jadwiga Low
  • Naomi Steward
  • Robert Gilbert
  • Jo Conley
  • Alan Conley
  • keith porritt
  • Krysia Wood
  • Andrew Wierzan
  • Jennifer Turner
  • Allen Turner
  • Maggie Holy
  • Deborah Fishwick
  • T.King
  • Judith Waring
  • John Caulton